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Start Up

The Chicago Cubs are a real-world team that was first founded in 1870 as part of the MLB/National League. They are the only team to stay in the same city throughout their entire existence. Although they didn't move cities, they did change names plenty of times. They first started as The White Stockings, then Orphans, then Colts, then finally The Cubs, witch has obviously stuck for many years. They where one of the first teams to join the Professional Baseball League and had to go up against the Red Stockings. (Teams where named based on the color of their uniforms.) They developed a 10-man roster and where an official a competitor.

Early 1900's

After a few years of playing in the league, the MLB wanted a way to see witch team was better between the two leagues. (AL vs. NL) The Cubs would have to wait a few years to be contenders, but in 1906 they posted 116 wins, a record that still stands to this day. (Although it has been reached by the '01 Mariners) This was the start of two straight World Series and 3 straight pennants. Only the New York Yankees and Giants had had more consecutive appearances.


After the dominance they displayed between 1906-1908 they never quite managed to win again (until 2016) they did, however, have plenty of appearances. Between 1910 and 1945 they racked up 7 pennants (World Series Appearances) There are many reasons as to why they didn't win a World Series, linked to multiple curses:

Billy Goat

William Sianis wanted to bring his goat to a World Series game between the Tigers and Cubs in 1945, and after fans complained that it had a strong odor, they asked him to leave. Before leaving, however, he declared the Cubs would not win anymore. This was the start of a very long Pennant Drought that very few teams gave experienced.

Black Cat

On September 9th, 1969 a Black Cat walked between home plate and the Cubs dugout, they ended up blowing the lead and falling behind in very close playoff race.

Bartman Incident

One of the most well known and heart breaking incidents, a fly ball was hit towards Bartman in Game 6 of the National League Championship Series in the eight inning. He reached out to grab it, but Chicago's right fielder had the same idea. Bartman got in the way and the ball ended up landing in the stands. No big deal, right? Well, with only 2 outs left, the Cubs imploded, giving up 8 runs and losing the game. They followed by losing Game 7. Bartman was escorted out of the game and was harassed by fans throwing bottles his way. Bartman eventually was welcomed back into the Cubs family, even given a World Series Ring after the 2016 Championship, but many believe what he went through for simply trying to catch a ball could never be repaid.

Championship DNA

Cubs fans lost hope. Their team was known as the Lovable Losers. Then Tom Rickets bought the Cubs organization, followed by hiring Cubs President Theo Epstein. What followed was one of the most exciting Championship runs in American Sports history. In 2015 the Cubs completely turned it around, making the Wildcard game and eventually being stopped at the NLCS. Cubs fans couldn't believe it. They thought the curse was real, no matter how good the team, they couldn't make the World Series. But they where proved wrong, following a 103 win season the Cubs made it to the 7th game of the World Series and inevitably won. And with it, the longest drought in American Sports History ended.


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