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    The daughter of Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion of Crystal Tokyo. (The future Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask)

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    Princess Usagi "Small Lady" Serenity (referred to as "Chibiusa" and "Sailor Chibimoon") is the sole daughter and heir to Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion (the future selves of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask) in the 30th century of Crystal Tokyo. As the princess of Crystal Tokyo, Chibiusa is well loved and cared for. However, to most people's surprise, and that of the King and Queen, she stopped growing once she reached the age of 8. Like all citizens in the future, Chibiusa has a typical 1000 year lifespan due to the power of her mother's Silver Crystal. She continued to remain in this dwarfed state for 900 years. During this time, Chibiusa held doubts about whether her mother truly liked her. Lonely, she began a close friendship with the solitary Sailor Pluto, who affectionately called her "Small Lady." She also received her own guardian cat, Diana, the daughter of Luna and Artemis.

    Attack on Crystal Tokyo/ The Black Moon Family

    Crystal Tokyo had been opposed by a radical faction of young humans who rejected the paradise created by Neo-Queen Serenity as being deceptive and illusionary. They were led by an exiled villain, Wiseman, who had been banished to the 10th planet, Nemisis. The faction, calling themselves the Black Moon Family, regularly opposed the kingdom, but were rebuffed by the protection of the Silver Crystal. One day, Chibiusa stole the Silver Crystal, believing that its powers would allow her to finally grow into a beautiful young woman like her mother, but the crystal does nothing. At this instant, the Black Moon Family attacked and several citizens were killed. The Queen, searching outside the palace for Chibiusa, was attacked by the Black Moon leader, Prince Diamond. The Queen was encased in protective Silver Crystal to heal her body and remained incapacitated along with the other Sailor Soldiers and the King. Believing herself responsible for the success fo the attack on Crystal Tokyo, Chibiusa fled to Sailor Pluto, stealing one of her time-space keys and traveling back to the 20th century. She remembered stories her father had told her of her mother's former life as the legendary warrior Sailor Moon and hoped that she could bring her and the other Sailor Soldiers to the future to help save "Mama."

    Life in Tokyo

    Initially, Chibiusa's arrival was contentious, as she readily conspired against Usagi to take the Silver Crystal, which she thought worked compared to the 30th Century counterpart. Usagi and the others were unaware of Chibiusa's true identity, and Usagi thought her to be an enemy, though Mamoru sensed that he was somehow connected to her and that her presence was not antagonistic. In order to stay close to Usagi, Chibiusa used her companion toy, which could transform into a number of useful objects or create several desired effects, Luna P, to hypnotize Usagi's family into believing her to be her cousin, As a result, she stayed in Usagi's room with her.

    However, the Black Moon Family also came to the past, in an attempt to affect the future. To do so they captured Sailor Mercury, Jupiter, and Mars, imprisoning them on Nemisis. Faced with few options, and requiring answers, Chibiusa, Sailor Moon, Venus, and Tuxedo Mask traveled to the Future. During their travel, they were attacked by Sailor Pluto, who was charged with executing those who break the taboo of time travel, regardless of who they were. Chibiusa intervenes, saving the group and gaining Sailor Pluto's trust. Pluto allows them to travel onward to the future, explaining that she cannot leave her post at the gateway of time.

    In the future, the group learns of the events that resulted in Crystal Tokyo's destruction (excluding Chibiusa's removal of the Silver Crystal) and also of Chibiusa's true identity. Tuxedo Mask begins investing much more interest in protecting Chibiusa and becoming more protective of her, causing Usagi to be jealous. Eventually, Sailor Moon manages to rescue the other sailor soldiers, but during this time, discovers that Chibiusa has disappeared into the forbidden depths of time-space and that Tuxedo Mask has gone after her. Usagi soon realizes that she has no reason to feel jealous, as Mamoru has been trying to protect Chibiusa, whom he recognizes as his and Usagi's child in order to allow her to focus her attention on defeating their enemy.

    Transformation into "Black Lady"

    Sensing the power of the White Moon within Chibiusa and the useless Silver Crystal, Wiseman appears from his secret fortress in the forbidden depths of time-space and plays on her guilt, loneliness, and envy of her mother to cause her to cross over to his side. Using the power of the Black Poison Crystal, Chibiusa grows into a malevolent, beautiful, young woman called "Black Lady." She uses her powers not only to continue destroying Crystal Tokyo, but to seduce Tuxedo Mask (who she views as distinct from her father, the King). She reveals that Wiseman does not truly exist, and that the criminal who was originally banished to Nemisis, Death Phantom, had melded with the planet, bringing it to life. Nemesis/Death Phantom sought to destroy all of Earth.

    Sailor Moon and the Sailor Team try to persuade Black Lady to return to good, but to little avail. During a confrontation, Black Lady and the Sailor Team were surprised by Prince Diamond, who stole both the Silver Crystals of the Past and Future from Black Lady and Sailor Moon. Driven insane by the revelation of being manipulated by Wiseman, Prince Diamond attempted to put the two crystals together, an act that would have destroyed everything due to their power and displacement in time. Sailor Pluto managed to stop this endeavor by breaking the third taboo--stopping time. The punishment for stopping time was her own death. As she lay dying, she pleaded with the Sailor Team to save "Small Lady." Her death caused Chibiusa to realize that she was not alone, because her only true friend had been Pluto.

    Sailor Senshi Awakening

    Her devastation over Pluto's death caused her to not only break free from her brainwashing, but also for the the future Silver Crystal to activate and transform her into Sailor Chibimoon. She also grows older, now appearing to be around 10 or 11. Excited to have finally become a sailor soldier and grown physically older, Chibiusa realizes that Pluto will never see her in her new form. Together with Sailor Moon, she manages to destroy the encroaching Nemisis/Death Phantom. The destruction of their enemy causes Neo-Queen Serenity to awaken as well as the King and the Sailor Team. The Queen uses her powers to revive the citizens of Crystal Tokyo. She explains to Chibiusa that her body was not able to grow and become a sailor soldier because her heart had not matured. Now that she had undergone a trial that forced her to mature, she is able to grow properly as a person. The King also explained that Chibiusa had now become the new sailor soldier of the moon, as the Queen lost her powers as a Sailor Soldier once she became Queen. Chibiusa stayed in the future, where Pluto's body would rest in the Crystal Palace.

    20th Century Arrival

    "Infinity"/The Death Busters

    Chibiusa soon reappeared in the 20th Century with a note from the King and Queen asking that the Sailor Team help her train to become stronger. Chibiusa continues to live with Usagi. There, she becomes friends with a young, sickly girl named Hotaru Tomo. She is the daughter of Professor Tomo, a key figure in the new Mugen School and a secret collaborator with the mysterious new enemy, the Witches 5 and the Death Busters. Both girls find that the power of Chibiusa's Silver Crystal is able to alleviate Hotaru's pain from her condition. However, Kaolinite (Kaori Night), head sorceress of the Witches 5 and caretaker to Hotaru also recognizes Chibiusa's Silver Crystal, having properties similar to the one that is the source of the Death Busters' power--the Tauron Crystal.

    The Sailor Team also comes across two new Sailor Soldiers--Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus. The two claim that the Sailor Team are out of their league and will only get in the way of the job they must perform. However, during an attack by one of the Witches 5, the team is saved by the arrival of Sailor Pluto. Chibiusa is overjoyed, Pluto explaining that through Queen Serenity's powers, she was reborn in the 20th Century as Setsuna Meioh. The three senshi explain that they are the Outer Soldiers, and are given the task to protect the Solar System from outside invaders, hence their stronger powers and statements that the Inner Soldiers, tasked with protecting the Moon Princess, are out of their league.

    The Outer Soldiers usually gather when all is lost and using the power of their talismans (Neptune's Deep Aqua Mirror, Uranus's Space Sword, and Pluto's Garnet Orb) must summon the dreaded Sailor Saturn, whose task it is to destroy all things. They last gathered during the destruction of the first Silver Millenium, but have now found that Sailor Saturn has also been reborn in this century--as Hotaru Tomo. They sense a great power rising in Hotaru and believe that it is Sailor Saturn awakening. If it is, they must stop her, including killing her if necessary.

    Chibiusa races over to Hotaru, but finds her collapsed on the floor from another seizure. Sensing her presence, Hotaru springs to life, awakening not as Sailor Saturn, but as the Death Busters's Mistress 9. The Mugen School and Professor Tomo's research all revolves around implanting the eggs of the denizens of a far away galaxy, the Tau System, into human hosts. The first possessed individuals were Kaori Night and Hotaru, who was badly wounded during their initial invasion. Professor Tomo rebuilt Hotaru's body using cybernetic parts as a perfect host and she was possessed by Mistress 9, partner to the ultimate being of the Tau System--Pharaoh 90. Sensing the power of the Silver Crystal, Mistress 9 rips it from Chibiusa, whose soul was connected to it and disappears.

    Chibusa's body, having lost her souls, began to die, though Mamoru was able to use his powers to form a link and keep her alive. Meanwhile, Hotaru's disembodied soul protected Chibiusa's soul. Mistress 9 offered the Silver Crystal, its power being several times greater than the Tauron Crystal, to Pharaoh 90. Pharaoh 90 could enter Earth through Mistress 9, so she consumed the Silver Crystal to gain its powers. Hotaru attempts to stop her by repossessing her body and stop Mistress 9's transformation. In doing so, Chibiusa is able to reconnect with the Silver Crystal and her body and reawakens. However, Mistress 9 fully transforms, destroying Hotaru's body. Hotaru's soul bids Chibiusa farewell.

    Chibiusa transforms and she and Tuxedo Mask race to the battle against the Death Busters. There, Mistress 9's body becomes the pathway for Pharaoh 90 and all seems lost. The Outer Senshi's talismans summon Sailor Saturn, who defeats Pharaoh 90. However, she also explains that this timeline was not the correct pathway, and because of that and Sailor Moon's powers, the timeline can be saved. She instructs Pluto to close the Door of Time-Space on this timeline, though it means Sailor Saturn will also be trapped. The newly revived and powered Super Sailor Moon uses her powers to revive the people of Tokyo, which causes Hotaru to be reborn as an infant. The Outer Senshi find her and decide to leave and raise her together. In parting, Sailor Neptune gives Chibiusa her Deep Aqua Mirror and CHibiusa says goodbye to Pluto and Hotaru.

    "Dream"/The Dead Moon Circus/Pegasus

    While continuing her training, there is a solar eclipse, which precedes the arrival of the Dead Moon Circus. However, the Dead Moon Circus is actually an invading enemy using the powers of Lemures ("Spirits of the Night") and nightmares to take over the Earth. It is then that Chibiusa meets Pegasus, a winged, horned horse who communicates to her the intentions of the Dead Moon Circus. Pegasus reveals his true form as Helios, the Priest of Elysion, a sacred temple deep within the Earth where the Prince's Golden Kingdom once existed. Helios's duty is to guard the sacred temple and protect the Earth. He and Endymion had never met, though they both shared the same dream of protecting the planet. When Elysion is invaded byt he Dead Moon Circus, his soul is sealed within the form of a winged horse and trapped in a cage. He sends his soul out to seek help and thus contacts Chibiusa and Usagi. He grants them new powers and weapons to fight the enemy.

    The Dead Moon Circus seeks to destroy the future King and Queen, infecting them with a disease that will kill them. However, Helios uses his powers to regress them to infancy in order to save their lives and transports them to Elysion. He reveals that in his visions, a young woman with long flowing hair, named Princess Serenity, can unseal the Prince's Golden Crystal. While they initially think it is Super Sailor Moon, it is actually an older Chibiusa who he saw in his vision.

    The Outer Senshi also return, including Hotaru whose body has rapidly grown in order for her to assist in defeating the new enemy as Sailor Saturn. She is no longer a harbinger of doom and has become a part of the Sailor Team. She and Chibiusa are reunited. They go off on their own to confront four agents of the Dead Moon Circus--The Amazon Quartet JunJun, VesVes, PallaPalla, and CereCere. During the fight, Super Sailor Chibimoon and Saturn try to convince them to awaken from the control of the Dead Moon Circus, but the Quartet is imprisoned by their mistress, Zirconia, in four stone marbles and also traps Saturn and Chibimoon in shards of mirrored glass. She then delivers them to Queen Nehelania, who resides in a dark world behind mirrors. Queen Nehelania is actually the queen of the dark side of the Moon, who resented the residents of the White Moon Kindgom during the Silver Millennium, placing a curse of death upon the newly born Princess Serenity (Usagi). Queen Serenity managed to seal Nehelania away into a mirror, though she took the opportunity of the solar eclipse to invade Earth,

    Super Sailor Moon confronts Nehelania and frees Saturn and Chibiusa from their prison and Saturn grabs the stone marbles before they escape from Nehelania's mirror. Combining all their powers, Super Sailor Moon becomes Eternal Sailor Moon and Chibiusa, along with the rest of the Sailor Team, gains her Eternal Form, as well and her Silver Crystal evolves into her own Pink Moon Crystal. The Sailor Team defeats Nehelania, with Eternal Sailor Moon's Silver Crystal and Tuxedo Mask's unsealed Golden Crystal. Afterwards, they take hands, transforming into the Queen and King and heralding the new Silver Millennium. Helios grants King Endymion his staff and also realizes that the woman from his vision was actually Chibiusa and as he departs to continue protecting Elysion, Chibiusa believes that he will be her "prince" when she grows up. Saturn also presents the stone marbles to Usagi and Mamoru, who use their powers to free the Amazon Quartet and restore them to their original forms. The girls reveal that they were actually Sailor Senshi of the four major Asteroids--Sailors Juno, Vesta, Pallas, and Ceres. They explain that they are to become Sailor Chibimoon's Sailor Team in the future and return to their slumber until the appointed time that she will need them.

    "Stars"/Return to the 30th Century

    Now a fully-trained Sailor Soldier, Chibiusa returns to the future. While she is gone, Sailor Galaxia and her Sailor Animamates invade, killing Tuxedo Mask and all of the 20th Century Sailor Soldiers and taking their Sailor Crystals. During this, a mysterious little girl arrives and infiltrates Usagi's home in a similar manner to Chibiusa, calling herself "Chibi Chibi." Eternal Sailor Moon meets the Sailor Starlights (Sailors Star Fighter, Star Healer, and Star Maker) and their princess, Princess Kinmoku, who escaped from their home star system when it was attacked and destroyed by Sailor Galaxia. "Chibi Chibi" managed to take care of Princess Kinmoku while her body was recovering and is also revealed to be a Sailor Soldier. The six travel to Sailor Galaxia's fortress in the center of the galaxy, Sagittarius Zero Star, but are intercepted by Sailors Lethe and Mnemosyn and later, by Sailors Phi and Chi, who kill the Starlights, take their Sailro Crystals and retreat. The remaining three continue forward and encounter Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon, the "Soul Hunter," who oversees the graveyard of dead Sailor Soldiers filled with butterflies, which are the remnants of their souls. She attacks them, wrapping them in vines and tries to burn them alive with her power over fire.

    In the 30th Century, Chibiusa overhears Super Sailor Pluto reporting to Neo-Queen Serenity about the events occurring in the past. She then realizes that Diana has gone to the past to assist Eternal Sailor Moon. However, when Diana, Artemis, and Luna are killed by Sailor Lethe, Chibiusa feels a pain in her chest and has a vision of her dying. She races to Queen Serenity, who shows her that everyone who was killed in the 20th Century is incapacitated in the 30th Century, including the Inner Soldiers, the King, and Sailor Pluto, their crystals shining as a result of their deaths. Chibiusa asserts that she is a Sailor Soldier as well and must protect the past. She transforms and is then joined by the Amazon Quartet in their Sailor Soldier forms, known as the Sailor Quartet. They state that they will go with her to help her. Queen Serenity grants Eternal Sailor Chibimoon a time-space key, instructing her to travel to the furthest reaches of the galaxy to find Eternal Sailor Moon.

    Chibimoon and the Sailor Quartet arrive just in time as Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Chibi, and Princess Kinmoku are about to be burned alive. They free them with the combined attack "Pink Ladies' Freezing Kiss" and the Sailor Quarter defeats Heavy Metal Paillon with "Amazoness Jungle Arrow." Sailor Moon is relieved to see that Chibimoon is alright and informs her of what has happened. Sailor Ceres asks who Sailor Chibi Chibi is and several of them wonder if Chibi Chibi is the second daughter of the Queen or if she might even be Chibiusa's daughter. However, Chibiusa is instinctively certain that Chibi Chibi is not her daughter and wonders who she is.

    They are then confronted again by Sailor Phi and Sailor Chi, and Princess Kinmoku reveals that she too is a Sailor Soldier and transforms into Sailor Kinmoku. During the fight, Chibimoon tries to warn Sailor Kinmoku, but is too late and Sailor Kinmoku is stabbed through the chest by Sailor Chi. Sailor Moon manages to defeat Sailor Chi, but Sailro Chibimoon pushes her out of the way of another attack that destroys Sailor Kinmoku's body. Her Sailor Crystal is taken by the source of the attack--the revived Sailor team. Sailor Moon tries to reason with them, even seeing that Tuxedo Mask is alive as well, but the Sailor Soldier attack her, incapacitating the Sailor Quartet in the process. Sailor Chibimoon tries to go with her, but is stopped by Sailor Chibi Chibi who shows her that all the Sailor Soldiers were killed earlier Realizing that these are not the same as their friends, Sailor Chibimoon tries to tell Sailor Moon that the Sailor Team in front of them were revived with the mission to kill them. She is attacked by Uranus and Saturn, and manages to convince Sailor Moon. Chibiusa ask who will be left to protect the universe if they all kill one another.

    When Sailor Moon goes to confront her former friends, Chibimoon tries to help but is stopped by Chibi Chibi, who explains that Sailor Moon must fight this battle alone, as it is the battle where she must decide the fate of the universe. As Sailor Moon and Galaxia clash, Chibi Chibi protects herself and Chibimoon from the powerful energy and Chibiusa wonders who Chibi Chibi truly is. She asks her that if she is in fat her daughter or sister come back to the past, then their futures must exist and all is not lost. However, Chibi Chibi does not answer her. At the center of the galaxy, the Galaxy Cauldron where all things in the galaxy begin and end, Sailor Galaxia throws the Sailor Crystals and pushes Tuxedo Mask into the Galaxy Cauldron where they dissolve into nothingness. This causes Chibimoon to fade away, as Mamoru no longer exists to be her father.

    In the end, Sailor Chibi Chibi reveals herself to be an immensely powerful future form of Sailor Moon, known as Sailor Cosmos. Sailor Moon is faced with two choices: to either destroy Chaos, the sum of all evil and strife in the universe, and with it, the Galaxy Cauldron which it had bonded to, or to leave the Caldron in order to ensure that life could continue, albeit at the price of allowing Chaos to live. Sailro Cosmos's opinion was that due to the millennia of battles she had fought against the undying Chaos, she should have destroyed the Cauldron back when she had the chance and hoped to guide Sailor Moon into making the same decision to avoid the endless battles and bloodshed. However, Sailor Moon chose to dissolve into the Cauldron and restore it to normal, therby ensuring that life would continue to exist, even if Chaos was reborn. Sailor Cosmos realized that this was the best decision, as happiness and love could not exist without strife and pain. Within the Cauldron, Usagi was reunited with her friends and Mamoru as well as Chibiusa, whose presence faded, stating that she would see her again in the 30th Century. Guardian Cosmos, the overseer of the Galaxy Cauldron, sent Usagi and her friends back to Earth, as well as all of the Sailor Crystals back to their original planets to be reborn.

    In the 20th Century, during on their wedding day, Usagi has a dream of Crystal Tokyo and also senses the newly born power of a sailor soldier being carried inside her, as she is now pregnant with Chibiusa.

    Powers and Abilities

    Before awakening as a Sailor Soldier, Chibiusa used her toy, Luna P, to assist her. Luna P floats along side her and changes into a variety of useful objects at her command, such as a pop-gun or umbrella. She is able to use it to hypnotize people, such as the Tsukino family, into accepting her as a member of the family. She also carried one of Sailor Pluto's Space-Time Keys, which allowed her to travel to the 20th and 30th Century. As a member of the Silver Millenium of the 30th Century, Chibiusa also has an increased lifespan and near immortality, and she claims to be 902 years old in the "Dream" arc.

    In the form of Black Lady, Chibiusa wielded the power of the Black Poison Crystal. She could use energy to attack, teleport, and was able to brainwash Tuxedo Mask. She could also fire large shards of Black Poison Crystal, which could warp space-time, into the earth.

    As the "Sailor Soldier of the Future Moon," Chibimoon possesses several powers. Her first henshin (transformation) phrase is "Moon Prism Power Make Up!" She uses the Moon Rod to assist Sailor Moon using the attack 'Double Moon Princess Halation" to defeat Death Phantom. She later gains her own rod and uses the attack 'Pink Sugar Heart Attack." In her Super Sailor Chibimoon form, she also uses the combined attack "Rainbow Double Moon Heart Ache" with Super Sailor Moon to defeat Pharaoh 90. She also performs a combined attack with Tuxedo Mask called "Pink Sugar Tuxedo Attack." Her encounter with Pegasus grants her new powers and a new henshin phrase, "Moon Crisis Make Up!" She obtains a crystal carillon that can summon Pegasus' spirit when needed and also a Chibimoon Crystal Kaleidescope to perform the attack "Moon Gorgeous Meditation." In her most powerful form, Eternal Sailor Chibimoon, she transforms using the power of her own Pink Moon Crystal and is able to transform by saying "Pink Moon Crystal Power Make Up!" She has a joint attack (and Crystal Moon Tier) with Eternal Sailor Moon called "Double Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss." With the Sailor Quartet, she is also able to perform a freezing attack called "Pink Ladies' Freezing Kiss."

    In the manga, the attacks of the Sailor Soldiers are rarely portrayed as having a significant effect or element other than being able to destroy or attack an enemy and the depictions of their effects is ambiguous. However, in the anime, Chibimoon's attacks are typically weak and used for comedic effect, often being lightly offensive pink energy hearts that either "slap" the enemy or cannot even reach the enemy, instead merely arcing and falling to the ground.

    Alternate Version

    In an alternate story "Parallel Sailormoon" written by Naoko Takeuchi printed in the Materials Collection, Chibiusa is in Grade 9 and has a younger sister named Kousagi. Her mother is Usagi, though she is annoyed by how irresponsible her mother is and how dumb her little sister is. She is still friends with Hotaru and both are incredibly intelligent and studious, aiming to reach the highest seat in education. She has no known powers, though her sister Kousagi ends up transforming as 'Parallel Sailor Moon" near the end of the story.


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