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    Carol's pet cat from an alt. universe. Until recently revealed to be an alien.

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    A simple house cat owned by the international metahuman adventurer Carol Danvers. She was an as of yet unnamed domesticated house pet owned by the worlds most preeminent superhero in the House of M reality. When said refabrication of existence was undone however, said feline entity remained within marvel continuum.


    The pet cat of the super-heroine Ms. Marvel was created in April 2006 by Brian Lee, Jimmy Palmiotti and Roberto De La Torre as a support character for Ms. Marvel during the House of M event. When reality was reset and everything went back to the way it was, with some changes left behind. The feline being one of them, becoming a mainstay in Carol Danver's story for years to come.


    As time went by after Scarlet Witch's reality was undone, Danvers was stuck in a live action interview hosted by a former co-worker within her old modeling firm. Ms. Marvel was asked by the show host about a pet she never even owned.

    Up until the point of her remembering her life back in the alternate reality where she did keep a domesticated feline as a world famous paragon and role model, right around the time when an old enemy from said reality popped in and went on the warpath. Since then Chewie has kept relatively to herself over the coarse of Ms. Marvel's life both while in normalcy and as a costumed thrill seeker.

    Space Adventures

    It wasn't until Ms. Danvers decided to take up the legacy moniker of her inspiration and lost love, Captain Marvel. That said tiny creatures life and true nature took to a new light; while the two were out spelunking in the vast unknown of space where their many jests across the galaxy brought them to meeting up with it's Guardians. Rocket Raccoon openly fired upon Carols pet cat without provocation, repeatedly calling the feline an alien species called a Flerken.

    He and the captain nearly went to blow over what her animal companion truly was. They were distracted by the refugee Tic when she brandished a gun on Peter Quill's ship. Before they could apprehend her however, she made off in Carols ship; with Chewie still onboard.

    After a brief dog fight to reclaim the ship, Chewie spent time comforting the distraught Tic, whom revealed that Quill's father and head of the Builder War relocation effort. King J'Son of Spartax was trying to forcibly remove said nomads from the planet he had chosen for them. While rummaging through a trading outpost in a distant galaxy Carol and her crew discovered the reason behind why the Spartoi (secretly in league with space pirates known as the Haffensy) were eager in pushing Tic's colony off world.

    It is in fact a Vibranium astral body with which J'Son intended to mine in order to rebuild the Spartaxian fleet after the Builders had devastated it. But when improperly mined, the alien mineral becomes toxic to the local environment thus resulting the poisoning of the refugee's.

    Chewie watched her handler deal with the Spartoi fleet coming to forcibly dispatch the desperate squatters on the planet their king had lain claim too. Asking her sentient ship to look after said animal friend while she buys them the time they need. After the event with relocation effort, Carol and Tic went back to traveling in space. Chewie was next seen placed in an alien kitty carrier by Rocket as he was working on her ship.

    While Rocket and Captain Marvel were about to get in another fight however. Chewie tried to warn them of an incoming alien craft.

    Carol sheltered her friend into a storage room until they could ascertain why the alien presence was there to begin with. When Rocket suggested they give them the Flerken, believing her to be the object of their designs. Carol went into a tirade of denial and objection; during their heated argument with the opposing spacecraft bearing down on them. Tic redirected their attentions to the holding area where Chewie was sequestered too. Chewie lays about, surrounded by dozens of eggs while smiling contently at them, revealing Rocket to have been right all along about her alien origins.

    Powers & Abilities

    In Other Media


    • Chewie appears in the Captain Marvel live-action movie, renamed Goose (a nod to the movie Top Gun, in which Anthony Edwards portrayed a young Naval pilot named Nicholas "Goose" Bradshaw). Goose was the pet cat of Dr. Wendy Lawson, a scientist who was secretly the alter ego of the rogue Kree scientist Mar-Vell. Following Mar-Vell's death at the hands of Yon-Rogg, Goose ended up at the Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. facility in Nevada. The cat is adopted by Carol Danvers, and is later revealed to be a Flerken, a fact that frightens the Skrull warrior Talos.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Chewie appeared as a Bystander token in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Goose was featured in Funko's Pop! line of bobbleheads in both his normal and Flerken tendril forms.
    • Hasbro's Marvel Legends featured Goose as a pack-in with the Captain Marvel figure in the Kree Sentry Build-a-Figure wave. The same wave also featured a Nick Fury figure that came with a captive Goose.
    • Goose was figured in Hasbro's Mighty Muggs line.
    • A plush Goose doll was also released by Hasbro.
    • The Hot Toys Captain Marvel figure came with a Goose figurine.
    • Goose was featured in the Cosbaby line from Hot Toys.

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