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Worth adding to your comic diet

Being a cibopath for the FDA is not on my list of fanboy dreams. For one, I'd never be able to enjoy a plate of cashew chicken again, and in Springfield, MO where I live, that's sinful. For additional consideration, there's the fact that Tony Chu-the protagonist in this book-has to fire his girlfriend or lose his job, take sh** from a pencil-pushing facist named Mike Applebee, and resort to the occasional act of cannibalism and animal corpse desecration in order to do his job well.

The art isn't for everyone, and the storyworld is an Earth where chicken-consumption has been illegalized to prevent an outbreak of bird flu, but this is one of the most unique and engaging series I have read. Ninja attacks on sushi restaurants, bikini-clad Russians with AK-47s, and more gangsters than Breaking Bad ensures that Chu, Chew, and you are in for a literal action-packed ride through the seedy underbelly of food-related crimes.

Also, it teaches you to avoid having cleavers embedded in your face; turns out, that can really mess up your weekend.

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