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Chew: Taster's Choice Review

John Layman creates a series that is nothing but pure entertainment. It is however the way that Layman structures this entertainment with the brilliant plot and fantastic dialogue and narration that makes this such a wonderful read. Added to that the fabulous characters that Layman has created within this story and you couldn't ask for much more. Layman doesn't however stop here, as the fantastic mystery element along with the extraordinary action give the kind of excitement that propels a great comic into a phenomenal one.

It isn't however just the story that Chew impresses with the artwork from Rob Guillory is just as outstanding, giving the fun style that this kind of tale needs. Besides the overall style of Guillory's art the thing I enjoy the most is the way he shows the characters expressions and reactions, capturing the shocking look whenever Tony has to eat something revolting. Guillory also produces some fantastic layouts as well, with them adding a lot of excitement and drama as well as helping the story to flow smoothly.

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