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Goodbye Stranger


Plot: We bid farewell to a key character in this landmark issue...

Story & Script

SPOILERS IN 1...2...3...

Toni we hardly knew yah! Chew reaches it's half-way point, and celebrates it with death and despair. The opening pages are great, that moment where Layman pulls the rug right out from under you really hurts. In these six issues Toni has become one of my favorite characters in all of comics.

She goes out like a champ though, which is all I could ask. She refuses to give up her brother. Declaring that her brother(which one?) is going to kill the Vampire, and she's going to help him. Despite all of the tragedy, Layman still delivers a few laughs by revisiting the recurring gag of Toni and Caesar Valenzano having known each other. The scene is really sweet, and ends the issue on a happier note. I'm really starting to like Chow, and couldn't help but giggle during the flashback when young Tony cusses under his breath after Chow steals his ice cream.


As usual the art is great. Especially during the flashback.


What a tragic, bittersweet, and wonderful way to close out act one of Chew.

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