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Chew 29

Space Cakes continues as Toni, Caesar, and John are on the trail of the Vampire Cibopath!

The Good

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While Space Cakes has had its ups-and-downs, there has been some good. As Tony Chu has been in the hospital since Major League Chew, John Layman has had time to develop other characters mainly Toni Chu. Which explains why Toni is the main focus in this issue and Caesar and John are only featured as co-stars. Though Tony has been gone for a while now, Layman does an outstanding job at keeping each issue fresh while the comic focuses on Toni.

John Layman does not show anything on the Vampire Cibopath's plan for after he captures all the people with food abilities, however I have faith that Layman is slowly working up to explaining his motive.

Seeing the artwork by Rob Guillory never gets old. His art style is unique, the design of the characters and the colors all flow together. Guillory's artwork is one of the reasons why this series is so successful.

The Bad

I feel that this Space Cakes story has carried on longer than needed. In an earlier issue, Mason Savoy mentioned that there is a connection between people with food powers and the space writing. It seems looking back in issue 15 things have not moved forward to explain the origin of people with food powers. Even before Tony got injured in the Major League Chew story arc.

The Verdict

CHEW is a very unique title created by two very talented people. If you are looking for non-superhero comic book, this would be one of the best choices for you. It has action, a good story, and it is really funny.

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