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'MAJOR LEAGUE CHEW,' Part Two Two captives. Two kidnappers. Note: this issue will ship with two covers, 50/50 distribution, a Tony cover and a Savoy cover.

The issue opens up with Olive Chu not cooperating with Mason Savoy. Though Savoy has only kidnap Olive to teach her how to use her abilities, Olive still refuses to be trained by him. Caesar interrupts their training session to give Savoy a cup of coffee. As Savoy searches through the different ingredients of the coffee he eventually says that their is 'malevolence' inside of the coffee, the issue then goes back to earlier events that happened the same day.

Caesar and his partner Vorhees have been taking on some unusual missions for the F.D.A., missions Tony Chu originally would be assigned to (however he was fired from the F.D.A. in an earlier issue). During this time, Tony is seen trying to reach Caesar to see if he knows anything about Olive's whereabouts. Through a sequence of events, Caesar and Vorhees are sent on a mission to check out a connection with robbers and a local coffee shop. The coffee barista eventually attacks Vorhees and Caesar with a bunch of mind controlled civilians, however even through the efforts of the two agents, the barista still escapes.

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Later on, Caesar meets up with Savoy and Olive to find out about the location of the barista. Tony calls Caesar to see if he knows anything on where his daughter is, but no thanks to Dan Franks, Tony is beat up by the brute and kidnapped, leaving Caesar to think that the phone call ended. As Savoy fails to find the location of the barista, Olive easily used her ability to 'sniff' the coffee and told the location of the barista, however made a deal with Savoy to be trained on 'her terms'. In the end, the barista gets arrested, Olive begins her training, and Tony is beginning to eat the dead bodies of past baseball legends?

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