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All Chewed Up

Highly Recommended!

The next, and fifth story arc has started: Major League Chew. Clever. But then again, the entire damn series is one giant ball of clever. I cannot say enough about this series. Interesting, because I just got hooked a couple weeks ago. I consumed the first four volumes in one bite. Now I have to wait for single issues like everyone else. In fact, I couldn't wait for the next trade, so I went out and bought the individual issues... If you are interested, my reviews of the first four volumes (story arcs) is available here: CHEW - Rechew Gallery.

This series has not let up. I haven't experienced one bit of sadness or given this series less than a 5.0 from the beginning. Truly. Amazing.

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In this arc, we see some fallout from the previous part of the ongoing story and arc(s). It is obvious from the cover, our favorite "detective-turned-agent-turned-hero-anti-hero" has now turned-parking-enforcement. His partner, Agent Colby has been re-assigned as well... How sad for both of them. This turn of events is just the beginning - while their jobs take a turn, your stomach wont (well it might, if you are sensitive, but at this point, you really should be used to his antics by now). The best part - Tony still gets to use his powers and segue on to new adventures. This issue is sure to whet your appetite for the rest of the arc and continuing series!


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