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'BASEBALL, HOT DOGS AND APPLE PIE,' Part One Mike Applebee's good day, Tony Chu's first day and John Colby's last day. An issue of beginning and endings, as we head into the fifth story arc of the multi-Eisner award nominated series about cops, crooks, cooks, cannibals, clairvoyants and--meter maids?

This issue opens up, happily. The day Mike Applebee has finally awaited, the day he finally fires F.D.A. agent Tony Chu! Because of Tony Chu's failure to obey Mike Applebee's orders last assignment, Tony has been fired and replaced by Agent Vorhees. Tony also was transferred to traffic department in the F.D.A. At this time bad news hit Colby as he soon found out Mike Applebee was firing/transferring him to another department. The next day, Tony begins his new job in the traffic department. His new boss, Lt. Marshall Mellow, is extremely nice to Tony and tells him that he is glad to finally have a F.D.A. agent in his department to uphold the law. Tony does regular duties around town (i.e. saving cats from trees), while on the job he was interrupted by his sister calling him. Rosemary told Tony that his daughter has been missing for days and that Tony should start to care for his daughter a little more than what he does now. Tony kept it in mind, but he calmed his sister down by just saying it was probably nothing.

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Tony was later seen investigating a crime scene that had multiple dead bodies and cops not knowing the whereabouts of the killers. Tony begins to use his abilities to find the location of the killers/thieves, it eventually leads him to a abandoned warehouse where he captures the killers with the help of the SWAT. At the end of his shift, Tony was thrown a huge party because of his first day success at traffic, once home, he told Amelia that he was actually liking his new job. In the end, it was shown that the next day wasn't going to be so well for Tony Chu!


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Highly Recommended!The next, and fifth story arc has started: Major League Chew. Clever. But then again, the entire damn series is one giant ball of clever. I cannot say enough about this series. Interesting, because I just got hooked a couple weeks ago. I consumed the first four volumes in one bite. Now I have to wait for single issues like everyone else. In fact, I couldn't wait for the next trade, so I went out and bought the individual issues... If you are interested, my reviews of the first...

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