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'FLAMBE,' Conclusion

Mike Applebee has been itching to get Tony Chu booted from the FDA, and today might be his lucky day. Tony and Colby infiltrate The Church of the Immaculate Ova, a cult of egg worshippers, and things, of course, go terribly wrong. The climax of 'FLAMBE,' CHEW's fourth story arc, and the end of an era for Tony Chu!

The issue opens up with Caesar checking in on Savoy -- whom is lying on the ground comatose. When Savoy eventually wakes up, he tells Caesar that he drunk a small drop of Migdalo's blood and saw many things -- especially with the connection of people with 'special abilities' and the skywriting. However, though Savoy drunk the blood during the skywriting, he soon found out that it disappeared when he was comatose. Back at the F.D.A. base, Tony and Colby are being briefed by Mike Applebee to collect information on the Egg Worshipers cult, lead by Alani Adobo.

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The two agents go undercover to find Alani and her cult. Alani led her followers into a prayer of forgiveness for eating chicken, this led to a prime opportunity for Tony and Colby to sneak out and gain info on the cult and it's connection with the skywriting. It is revealed that Alani was originally the file clerk at Yamapalu and became a cultist after she saw the skywriting while escaping the island fire. The two agents found nothing helpful to aid in their search for information on the cult and they were also going to get blamed for the deaths of multiple civilians killed by Alani. Back at Savoy’s apartment, Savoy told Caesar that he is going to need a team with special abilities to defeat the threat that will soon destroy the Earth. In the end, Savoy comes up with the ideal to kidnap Olive Chu and train her in the use of her powers.


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Flambé sure felt like an arc of one-shots to me. Silly me to think any one issue of Chew can be throwaway. The final issue of the arc shows that every small detail in Chew leads to bigger revelations. Remember Agent Migdalo or Alani Adobo? John Layman sure does. The mystery of the avian flu, the alien fruit, and the sky writing remain at large, but each mini-arc proves to me that we're collecting tiny, vitally important clues with each issue. Minor characters in the background become important. ...

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