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    Chew » Chew #19 - Flambé, Part 4 of 5 released by Image on July 2011.

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    'FLAMBE,' Part Four

    Welcome to Area 51, Tony Chu. Would you like some steak sauce with your dead extraterrestrial?

    The issue opens up with a bunch of assassinations on world famous icons -- including Chow Chu! However, this doesn't actually happen -- why? -- because Tony and Toni stop this from ever occurring. Earlier at work, Mike Applebee is trying to get rid of Tony for good by bragging on what a good agent he is, though his efforts were foiled and he couldn't get Tony transferred to a new division, he did setup a dangerous mission for Tony that involved N.A.S.A. and his twin sister Toni. During the space shuttle ride to Area 51, Tony talks to his girlfriend, Amelia about his new mission. An unbeknownst Amelia doesn't realize that while she talks to Tony, Dan Franks is taking notes on the strange abilities of Tony Chu!

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    Tony and Toni eventually arrive at Area 51 to begin their mission to save the world! It is revealed that N.A.S.A. sent all their astronauts into space to begin reproducing offsprings in the event if the world faces another avian flu that will claim the lives of another 25 million people. Babies born in zero gravity space resulted in a solar mutation, which led to N.A.S.A. scraping the entire ideal. Later on, Tony and Toni visit the alien weapons division of area 51, the result leads to the two agents confronting a meteorologist whom will eventually sell his bullets to E.G.G. to assassinate famous world icons (including Tony and Toni's brother Chow!). Though he hasn't sold his special bullets yet, it was through the special abilities of Toni that gave her the events of what the bullets were eventually going to be used for. In the end, Toni gets a promotion and Chow Chu survives to continue his cooking of illegal chicken meals for Sunday family brunch, even though Tony really, really hates him for it!


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    Chew relishes in its unpredictability and loose adherence to comic structure, so it should come as no surprise that this month's issue features a rather interesting prologue that had me quite worried at first.It's hard to review issues of Chew without giving up too many spoilers, but it shouldn't be too much to say that Toni, one of my favorite characters from the book, partners up with Tony to investigate a real mystery in Area 51. What I love most about Chew is that the narrative has been slow...

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