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'FLAMBE' Part Two

Bullied nerd Peter Pilaf goes all 'food-Columbine' on the students of Francis Bacon High. Plus: fun with astronauts!

The issue opens up with N.A.S.A. astronauts in space studying the strange alien writing. When their space station is destroyed, N.A.S.A. begins to wonder what had happened in space that caused their space station to malfunction then explode. At Francis Bacon High School, a harmless food fight soon leads to a devastating murder brawl -- resulting in the deaths of multiple students. Later on, agents Tony Chu and John Colby arrive on scene to take down the culprit. Through Tony's abilities, they find out that Peter Pilaf is behind the cafeteria murder. When they gain even more information from Olive and the Principal, John decides that he is tired of waiting for the government to negotiate with Pilaf.

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Tony and John eventually talk to Pilaf and tell him that they are going to stop him. However when Pilaf threatens to post his mind altering recipe on the internet so more people can bake it then die, John quickly uses his cybernetic abilities to distract Pilaf and Tony easily disarms him. Once reading Pilaf's file on astronomy, more specifically related to the N.A.S.A. astronauts, he deduces that Peter Pilaf was the one behind the N.A.S.A. space command explosion! When John mentions it to Pilaf, Pilaf denies it and says that he would never betray an astronaut, but the two agents don't believe him. In the end, it is revealed that a traitor N.A.S.A. astronaut -- that works for the Vampire Cibopath -- staged the explosion and escaped in a space pod to report back sensitive information to him.


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