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A Savory Delight!

 Tony Chu has returned from the Islands and throws himself head, erm, mouth, first into a brand new mystery. Can he eat his way out of this one?

The Good

Hard to say what isn't good about this issue. The art is breathtaking as usual. Rob Guillory maintains a style completely complimentary to the story John Layman is telling. There are countless panels without dialogue in this issue that successfully utilize the art alone to tell the story. Guillory is a skilled master, and no matter how disgusting the image, he will draw it. The question remains: what is the secret behind what makes a cibopathic and how did they come to be? For those of you that have not been reading, a cibopathic is an individual who will obtain the memories of any animal, individual, vegetable after biting into it. Hence the title of the series, "Chew." We get a flashback in the first few pages of the book which connects the events at the very end. Tony Chu definitely seems to be growing some back bone here, and the subtitle "just desserts" forshadows that very fact. Issue #11 is a perfect starting point for new readers who are unfamiliar with the series, but is not written in a way that will alienate fans of the comic by reiterating what has previously occured. This issue seems to be the start of a new set of stories, and I highly recommend the book. 

The Bad

I hate this part! Call me a CHEW "fangirl," or what have you, but the only problem I had with this issue was the fact that it ended. I can't wait for issue #12!

The Verdict- 5/5

It seems every time I pick up an issue of CHEW, I know before I even open it that I will be entertained. This issue is no different. Fantastic art, impeccable writing and a perfect flow make this one comic you do not want to skip out on. 

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