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    Chew » Chew #1 - Taster's Choice, Part 1 of 5 released by Image on June 2009.

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    Tony Chu is a cop with a secret. A weird secret. Tony Chu is Cibopathic, which means he gets psychic impressions from whatever he eats. It also means he's a hell of a detective, as long as he doesn't mind nibbling on the corpse of a murder victim to figure out whodunit, and why. It's a dirty job, and Tony has to eat terrible things in the name of justice. And if that wasn't bad enough, the government has figured out Tony Chu's secret. They have plans for him whether he likes it or not. Presenting a twisted new series about cops, crooks, cooks, cannibals and clairvoyants, written by JOHN LAYMAN (Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness, House of M: Fantastic Four and PUFFED) with mind-blowing art by astonishing comics newcomer ROB GUILLORY.

    The issue opens up with a chef slicing-and-dicing through vegetables. Ultimately he slices his finger and it leads to him dropping blood into the soup. Meanwhile, officers Tony Chu and John Colby are visiting a local food market to pickup some food while they finish their last night of stakeout. Back at their van, the two officers are watching civilians carryout illegal chicken dinners. When Chow Chu comes out with a 25 lbs bag of black market chicken, Tony immediately jumps out to arrest his older brother, but Colby stops him just in time to talk sense into him. At this time the black market chicken ringleader, D. Bear, finally reveals himself.

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    As the two officers 'lock-and-load' to go take on D. Bear they are stopped by agent Mason Savoy and reminded that the F.D.A. are allowing D. Bear's operation to continue for the greater good. Savoy gives them free admission to the black market chicken restaurant as a token of his favor. While inside the two officers order chicken related meals just because it is free, but when Tony tastes his soup, his cibopath powers kick in and gives him visions of the different people the chef has killed and placed into the soup (the same chef that cut his finger). When Tony and John reach the kitchen, John immediately takes a butchers knife to the head (no thanks to the serial killer chef) and passes out on the floor. Tony goes alone and tries to reason with the chef, however he refuses to be taken to jail and he instead decides to slice his own throat -- making Tony ultimately having to gain the information by biting him and using his cibopathic abilities. In the end, Tony is fired for biting the corpse of the chef, John Colby is placed in surgery, and Tony gains a new job as an agent of the F.D.A., thanks to Savoy for saving Tony from being thrown into an asylum.



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    Chu Chews 0

    I like the art. A little bit Sam Keith, a little bit Humberto Ramos. Not as good as Keith, but a lot better than Ramos in my opinion. Both the style and the layouts are pretty decent. There were a couple of spots that I had to examine for awhile before I could tell what was going on, but this Rob Guillory guy is new and given time, I'm sure his storytelling skills will improve.Now to the writing. John Layman is a veteran, so I'm going to be more critical in evaluating his work on this. I like th...

    7 out of 9 found this review helpful.


    (see the original at Yesterday, I read Chew #1 on my phone while waiting at the doctor's office. I've been thinking about it ever since. I couldn't agree more with squares's review on ComicVine: it is the most perfectest #1 issue to a comicbook I have ever read. Period. I had heard of Chew before, mostly because of the hubbub it caused when it was possibly being made into a TV show on Showtime, until it wasn't, and then it was going to be a mov...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    Something to CHEW on; the start of something beautiful! 0

    Tony Chu is a cop with a strange ability. Most cops come with a pretty normal background; something to prove, something to lose, and are just in it to shoot someone. However, Tony Chu is not most cops, he's got a power that allows him to get psychic impressions of anything, or anyone's, past. That ability will come in handy more times than once, in this first issue of something beautiful! Lets dive in!You ready for this?For those that need a reason to be following, writer John Layman and artist ...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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