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Cheval Noir presents stories from more time zones than you live in! From Japan comes chapter two of Masashi Tanaka's "In Dreams", the story of a samurai caught by the winds of political change, no longer an official assassin. In the third chapter of Jordan, Helena has a baby... except she wasn't pregnant last night. In Adieu, Brindavoine's second chapter, bombs fall from the sky as Angus and Lucian try to cross the Afghan desert, but they still take time for a cup of tea in this story by Tardi. In Tree-Heart by Comes, Ambre meets the secret heart of the forest and mysterious things happen to those who happen across "The Cafe" by Cossu and Jasmin. All this and David Lynch's "Angriest Dog", Phil Elliot's Post-Apocolypse, and Doug Wheeler's "Classics Desecrated" with David Gatzmer.

Story Titles

  • The Angriest Dog in the World
  • Tree-Heart Chapter 2
  • Adieu, Brindavoine Chapter 2
  • In Dreams Chapter 2
  • Jordan Chapter 3
  • The Cafe
  • Classics Desecrated: The Road Not Took







Story Arcs

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