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    Man with power to disappear like the Cheshire Cat.

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    Cheshire was created by Marv Wolfman and Ron Wilson in 1976 and first appeared in Power Man # 37. 

    Story Arcs


    Cheshire appears as a member of Flashmob and they come after Victor Alvarez who takes on the moniker of "Power Man" when a bounty is placed on him by the Hand. A member from the street gang called the Rivals informs Deadly Nightshade the whereabouts of Alvarez as he skirmishes with Luke Cage and Iron Fist on top of a rooftop building. Nightshade sends a text to the Flashmob members and they confront the new "Power Man". Alvarez tries to punch Cheshire but he becomes intangible and then Spear pinches Alvarez onto a chimney stack with his trademark weapon. Iron Fist and Luke Cage comes in and Cheshire is taken down when he gets kicked in the back of the head.

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