The New Teen Titans Annual #2 "The Murder Machine" (1983) - A must-read for everyone who's just getting into Cheshire. It's her very first appearance, where she is hired among other assassins to take down Teen Titans. However in this issue Cheshire's character is still unexplained and is yet to be formed.

New Teen Titans Vol. 2 #20 "Past Imperfect" (1986) - In this issue Cheshire is hired by Henry Horne to kill director of the Black African League, which is supposed to set the black cause back years. Cheshire is revolted by Horne's motives, however she reveals that she does not accept missions based on personal philosophy, which would make her ineffectual. Later Teen Titans fight her trying to turn her in for the murder. Cheshire shows her great planning and fighting skills, being a dangerous opponent even for the Teen Titans. In this issue it's also revealed that Speedy met and fell in love with Cheshire after he was sent by the government to turn her in to the authorities and that he is the father of Cheshire's child.

New Teen Titans Vol. 2 #21 "On the top of the world" (1986) - In this issue more details about Cheshire's romance with Speedy are revealed. She is enraged at Roy for leaving her few months before and she swears that he will never meet their daughter. After Cheshire escapes, Speedy decides to pay her a visit in Hong Kong to explain everything. She agrees to introduce him to their daughter, Lian.

Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #94 "Poison Control" (1995) - Cheshire is hired by Julianna Sazia along with Poison Ivy and Cheetah to kill Paulie Longo. Paulie comes for help to Wonder Woman. He is attacked by Cheshire, who takes on his guards and Wonder Woman and is later backed-up by Poison Ivy. However they don't success and are forced to flee. Later Wonder Woman is attacked by Cheetah. The story is continued in Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #95 "Poison, Claws and Death".

Batman Plus #1 "Beauty and the Beast" (1997) - Cheshire is kidnapped by KGBeast and Arsenal asks Nightwing to help him rescue her, but instead he ends up working with Batman. They track Cheshire across two continents and learn that Cheshire is actually working with KGBeast, but only because he kidnapped her and Arsenal's daughter, Lian.

Birds of Prey: The Ravens "S.I.M.O.N. Says Armageddon" (1998) - Cheshire and her team, the Ravens arrive in Rheelasia to steal Neutron Generator. However she is betrayed at the last moment by her team's member, Termina who activates the device hoping that it will cure her of her terminal disease. In this issue Cheshire shows her great planning and leadership skills once again.

Birds of Prey #4 "The Ravens Strike" (1999) - In this issue Cheshire leads her team, the Ravens to kill Kobra Prime they were hired to. They take down a number of Kobra's henchmen and as they get nearer it becomes clear that they are expected. When explosions go off, they are met by a squad of Kobra's soldiers and a War-Spider. Cheshire quickly destroys the machine which brings Kobra Prime to the forefront. He congratulates the ladies on their excellent work. Cheshire tells her team that he is both their target and contractor. He brings the ladies into his base, where he informs them that he has an assignment for them: retrieve something near Lake Mackachitahoo, in Minnesota. That night, the Ravens go diving in the lake where they locate an object with a CCCP stamp on it, which is exactly what they're looking for. The story continues in Birds of Prey #5-6 and #29-30.

The Titans #30 "Sins of the Past" (2001) - In this issue Cheshire's on her trial for crimes. She sits in her jail cell and remembers the most precious moments to her: meeting Roy for the first time, introducing him to their daughter and seeing her daughter after a very long time. Her trial is very painful for Roy, particularly when the guilty verdict is passed with a sentence of life without possibility of parole. Later Cheshire is visited by him and their daughter Lian in prison. Her old comrades from the Ravens, Vicious and Pistolera are out for revenge. They bribe a guard to start a fight which they hope will give them an opportunity to hurt, if not kill, Cheshire. Arsenal comes to her aid, but when she asks him to help her escape, he refuses. She then tries to fight her way past him, but when Lian sees this, both she and Arsenal come to their senses about their relationship and feelings. Later when Cheshire sits in her cell again, she remembers all the bad things she's done in her life and that fills her with deep regret. The events in this issue are preceded by the story from the Titans #8-27.

Birds of Prey #63 "Sensei & Student, Part Two: Pride & Poison" (2004) - Black Canary and Lady Shiva pursue Cheshire, who as they believe killed their Sensei. She refuses and claims she's being framed for it by a man she despises, her biological father Senator Bob Pullman. Shiva believes she is telling the truth and the three have to work together. The story continues in Birds of Prey #64-67.

Villains United #1 "And Empires In Their Purpose" (2005) - The super-villain community learns that the Justice League Of America has tampered with their minds. They form The Society of Super-Villains. Cheshire along with five other villains refuse to join and become known as the Secret Six. The story continues in Villains United #2-6.

Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal #2 "Staring Into The Abyss" (2010) - Cheshire blames Roy for the death of their daughter. She shows up at his house to take revenge. They fight, but Cheshire realizes that Roy isn't the one to blame as she breaks down into tears. Roy comforts her and they eventually settle their differences.

Titans: Villains for Hire #1 "The Best Laid Plans" (2010) - Deathstroke creates a new mercenary team ironically named Titans. Cheshire is one of the members Deathstroke wants in his team. She doesn't want anything to do with him. However Slade brings up Lian's death as the reason Cheshire's lost her edge and offers her help. She agrees to join, but as it's later revealed only in order to accomplish her plan to take revenge on Slade. The story continues in Titans #24-38.

Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual #1 "Trust Fall" (2013) - It's Cheshire's first appearence in the New 52. Cheshire shows up to infiltrate the Outlaws which results in a decent fight. Cheshire fights the Outlaws and Green Arrow traditionally using poisons and her acrobatics combined with martial arts. Aside of that she is given an abillity to teleport. She is still deadly and focused but also fun as she playfully banters the Outlaws. She also has obvious chemistry with Roy which is a reference to their pre-Flashpoint relationship.


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