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    The Cheshire cat is a magical animal and resident of Wonderland.

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    The Cheshire Cat from the Alice in Wonderland stories is one of the Main characters in Alice in Wonderland. He helps Alice when she first arrives in Wonderland by guiding her to the Mad Hatter.


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    A Cheshire Cat goes beck hundreds of years and no one is sure of where it originated. It first appeared in print in 1788. It referees to a person grinning like a Cheshire Cat meaning they show their teeth and gums. The Cheshire Cat in the wonderland stories were created by Lewis Carroll in 1865. The Lewis Carrol books are considered canon for the character. All others are expansions of or additions to the wonderland stories.

    Character Evolution

    Lewis Carrol Canon

    The Cheshire Cat in the original stories was most know for his mischievous grin.

    Zenescope Entertainment

    Cheshire was just an ordinary house cat when scientist Henry Allen purchased him at a pet store for use as test subject (circa 1860). The cat was the second subject, after the white rabbit, to be used in Allen's experiments with the portal to Wonderland. After refusing to enter the portal on its own Allen attempted provide it incentive by stabbing and cutting it with a number of implements. Still the cat refused to leave its cage and enter the portal to Wonderland. As a last measure, Allen decides simply to shove the cat and cage through, transporting the cat to Wonderland. In Wonderland, the cat encounters the Jabberwocky who twists it into its new, huge, and vicious form with a seemingly human level of intelligence.

    Nearly 150 years after his entry into Wonderland, Cheshire comes across Calie Liddle in Wonderland. There, he pursues and terrorizes her, slaughtering many playing card guards and the Queen of Hearts in the process. Calie is saved at the last moment and the Cheshire Cat gorily hacked open with an axe by Alice Liddle, who he had consumed whole earlier.

    Eventually he regenerates (as a property of Wonderland). Months later the Jabberwocky sends him to New York with the Mad Hatter to terrorize Calie yet again. There, he murders several innocent people before cornering Calie in the diner where she works. In the ensuing fight Calie severely wounds him. Weakened and injured, he reverts to his ordinary cat form and is later taken to an animal shelter.

    After some time at the animal shelter he recovers from his injuries, but has no access to his powers. He is adopted by a college girl named Lina (who renames him Oreo) and taken to live in her dorm. There he begins hunting rodents and causing fatal accidents for those who are unkind to Lina. With each kill some of his power returns. After murdering a few of the students he realizes his full powers again and murders the entire population of the dorm. Lina return to the dorm to find this, but instead of killing her he seduces her with promises of a better life in Wonderland and she departs with him.

    Back in Wonderland (during the events of Escape from Wonderland) the Cheshire Cat --along with the help of Lina, newly twisted by Wonderland-- attempted to take revenge on Calie. Even their combined efforts proved wanting against Calie and Lina was killed (seemingly permanently) in the ensuing conflict. The Cheshire Cat was left alone to mourn the only being who'd ever been kind to him.

    Eros Comix

    In Eros Comix the two Alice series follow the original story with a different twist. The Cheshire Cat is more human and is a female. Just like everyone else in the books she is devoted to sex. This version of the Cheshire Cat is known as Chessie.

    League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

    In the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen the Cheshire Cat in from a mysterious land that results in making people mad. Alice herself dies after her second experience there. The Cheshire is seen in the (LOEG) museum stuffed it is unknown who killed it.

    Weirding Willows

    Cheshire was created by David Elliott for Titan Comics' A1: The Weirding Willows. He is based on the original Cheshire Cat from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

    This cat has an agenda and Alice Moreau is dying to know what it is. Cheshire knows something about her mother that he's not willing to share. He loves stirring things up, creating mischief, getting others into trouble and then he feeds off it. Literally.

    Cheshire is not in our world or Wonderland. His origin hides a far darker secret.


    Lewis Carrol Canon

    The Cheshire has "Evaporation Abilities" which grant him invisibility, intangibility, and shape-shifting. The Cat uses the powers mainly to trick of torment.

    Zenescope Entertainment

    He can transform between a huge and monstrous version and a ordinary house cat version of himself at choosing. He can also become almost entirely transparent to blend with his surroundings. Like all denizens of Wonderland he gains agelessness and increased healing abilities while in Wonderland. His transformation in Wonderland changed both his form and his mind to reflect the violent nature of his arrival. Once transformed he became incredibly vicious and sadistic, viewing everything that enters Wonderland as his prey.


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