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Introduction/Comeback of Cheryl


She was introduced in 1982 in a Betty and Veronica issue. She immediately entered the love triangle turning into more than just Archie, Betty, and Veronica.

Her character was created to shake things up and to create what they called a “classic Neapolitan love showdown,” or a brunette-Veronica, Blonde-Betty, and Redhead-Cheryl for Archie to choose from. After two years, her character was taken out of comics.

She was deemed to be “too sexual for children.” In 1994 Cheryl was brought back for the famous four-part series “Love Showdown.” After that series, Cheryl continued to make appearences in various Archie comics.

Character History

Jason - Cheryl's brother
Jason - Cheryl's brother

Cheryl Blossom is from the fictional upscale town of Pembrooke, just outside of Riverdale. She is depicted as a wealthy and beautiful girl. Many people have called her the redhead version of Veronica Lodge. Although at the same time, she has also been depicted as kind and caring looking after her Pomeranian Sugar and rescuing Animals in need.

Even though she is in High School, she has a prominent job as a Sparkle Magazine editor. She aspires to be a famous fashion designer. She attends Pembrooke Academy a private school that is attended by the wealthy. She is both popular with Pembrooke boys and Riverdale boys, but Riverdale girls aren’t fond of her because of her conniving and flirty nature. Her family includes her father Clifford Blossom a wealthy software engineer, her mother Penelope Blossom, and her twin brother Jason Blossom.

Friends and Family Relationship History

New age Cheryl
New age Cheryl

Cheryl often supports her brother in capturing Betty’s heart. She has even warned Betty about her brothers womanizing behavior. Cheryl lost many friends when she enrolled in Riverdale High under a alias. Using false documents and love letters she attempted to turn Archie’s friend against him. She almost succeeded but was exposed by the principal Mr. Weatherbee.

After that spectacle, her family forced her to attend the rest of the school year at Riverdale High. During that time she tried to mend the broken relationships with the people she had been deceitful towards.

Archie and the girls
Archie and the girls

Even though that trying situation took place in the three-part story “Friendly Fire” Cheryl Blossom and Betty Cooper become close friends. After being publicly humiliated on television by Veronica, Cheryl and Betty bonded. Betty dropped Veronica a friend for her cruel act.

As Cheryl and Betty spent more time with each other they developed a close bond. Veronica desperately wanted her friend back so she made a public apology towards Cheryl. Betty went back to being Veronica’s friend, but remained close to Cheryl.

Much to readers surprise, in the 90s issues of Archie Comics Cheryl began to date Dilton Doiley. Dilton Doiley was the smartest to ever be depicted in an Archie Comic. He is short and often referred to as a nerd. Dilton is the exact opposite of the boys that Cheryl has ever vied for. They found each other through an online dating service without even knowing each others identity. They fell in love and met in real life; both agreeing to keep seeing each other. This couple though soon fell through the cracks as the relationship between them has not been seen in comics for years. Recently in 2008, Cheryl started to date Reggie Mantle in the three-part story covering Betty and Veronica issues #181-183.

Popular Recognition

Cheryl Blossom was ranked 92nd in Comics Buyer's Guide's 100 Sexiest Women in Comics and was one of five Archie Comics characters to make the list. Despite consistently trumping both Betty and Veronica for male attention in the comics, Cheryl finished lower on this list than her better-known rivals.

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