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Archibald Morton discovered the power of Alchemy Gun while in prison. There he beat another inmate named Curtis Carr, whom was the supervillain known as Chemistro and was arrested after a battle with Luke Cage, Power Man. Arch forced Curtis to tell him how to build the alchemy gun. Finally, Curtis gave in and told him his secret. When Arch came out of prison, he immediately started building the weapon. However, he wasn't careful and Curtis had left out some of the details. The gun exploded and chemical properties of the gun spilled all over him. This freak accident made it that now, Arch was able to transform matter without his gun, merely with his mind and hands, making him a formidable foe.


Arch Morton, the second Chemistro, first appeared in Power Man #37.

Character Evolution

Luke Cage however, noticing the similarities between Arch and Curtis, called upon the help of Curtis Carr. Carr, who had fell into a depression after he was let out of prison, realized that it was his duty to stop Arch. Carr made the Nullifier to cancel out Arch's powers. So thanks to Carr's brilliance, Cage defeated and de-powered the second Chemistro.


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