Chemical Kid

    Character » Chemical Kid appears in 30 issues.

    A member of the Legion Academy on 31st century Earth. Phlonian science gave him abilities that allow him to catalyze chemical reactions, much like his predecessor, Chemical King.

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    Current Events

    Chemical Kid is presently starring in the ongoing Legion of Superheroes series since the rebooted DC universe in the new 52. The Legion is presently fighting a Daxamite and a group of Controllers on the planet of Panoptes.


    Hardu Jamik's father, a wealthy businessman on his homeworld of Phlon, synthesized the abilities of the deceased Legionnaire known as Chemical King. Mr Jamik used his own son as a guinea pig with successful result in order to allow his son to play super-hero and become famous. Chemical Kid enrolled at the Legion Academy with the goal to become a famous Legionnaire. He quickly garnered a reputation amongst the staff for being spoiled and a troublemaker for constantly disobeying orders to go out and spend his father's money.


    Chemical Kid created by Paul Levitz and Phil Jimenez

    Character Evolution

    Retroboot / New Earth

    Chemical Kid
    Chemical Kid

    On a joyride back home to Phlon, Hadru and his classmates helped rescue his father from the villain Black Mace and defeated another Phlon resident who had stolen Mr. Jamik's work to give herself Chemical King powers as well. He is closest to fellow student Dragonwing and has used his abilities in conjunction with the mystical Glorith to actually remove the aforementioned super villainess' powers.

    Major Story Arcs

    Retroboot / New Earth

    Induction of Chemical Kid

    Following the presumed death of seven Legionnaires, Chemical Kid and his remaining classmates in the Legion Academy are bumped up to active Legionnaire status with little notice.

    Powers & Abilities

    Chemical Manipulation

    Like previous Legionnaire Chemical King, Chemical Kid has the unique ability among his people to accelerate, slow down, or manipulate natural chemical reactions in both objects and living beings. When accelerating his own metabolism with his powers, Hadru is able to move with super-human speed and reflexes. While his predecessor's abilities were a birth defect or mutation, Hadru's were bought and scientifically given to him.

    Other Versions

    Other Media


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