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Cheetara is a the only adult female Thundercat and is very brave and caring. Her powers consist of a “sixth sense” which detects when there is danger about or if evil is close by. Cheetara regards her sixth sense as a curse because it allows her to have visions whether by her will or not, which can leave her very weak and she may need days to recover. She also has super-speed and can run at 120 mph, but could only do so for short periods of time, and she is very fast in hand to hand combat. She also carries a bo staff that can grow into various sizes and is attached to her armband when not in use.

Other Media

2011 Animated Series

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A re-vamped, younger Cheetara (around early twenties) has returned in the remake of Thundercats where she is the last living Cleric where she was an orphan. Cheetara is first seen coming to Lion-O's aid when he fights a couple of goons in the slums of Thundera. During Lion-O's sword ceremony, Cheetara is one of the clerics that presented the Sword of Omens to Lion-O. She was later seen helping Lion-O and Tygra fight an angry mob who were threatening two lizardmen who were falsely accused. During the attack on Thundera, she was fighting on the field as Jaga's clerics but was eventually captured. Lion-O and Tygra manage to free Cheetara and are surprised that the cleric they saved was her. Cheetara was told by Jaga that it was her duty to watch and guard Lion-O. Cheetara now accompanies both Lion-O and Tygra on their journey to find the Book of Omens and stop Mumm-Ra along with the Thunderkittens Wilykit and Wilykat, and Panthro. Upon finding the Book of Omens, the team realizes that in order to stop Mumm-Ra, they must unite the animals and find all the stones of power. Cheetara is in a relationship with Tygra.

In the 2011 remake, Cheetara's retains her signature superspeed. She casually blitzes hoards of enemies and has outran the Thundertank and its motorcycles in a race. Her speed has shown no upper limit and she loses the loses the original's weakness in being able to only do it for short periods. She also has an enhanced durability and super strength. She has smashed in massive boulders and blitzed transport ships in half. Cheetara is also an adept hand-to-hand combatant but prefers her staff. She originally had a retractable cleric's staff that was eventually replaced with the Staff of Viragor which had geokinetic properties allowing her to grow roots that could rip through the ground like tissue paper. On top of her combat skills, Cheetara also has some knowledge in the mystic arts taught to her by Jaga.

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