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    Britanny is a werecheetah and the adopted sister/body guard/partner of Gina Diggers.

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    The were-wolf and were-cheetah clans had been feuding for ages and their battles kept them on Earth while all other magical creatures left for other realms. Theodore Diggers attempted to stop a villain from manipulating the two clans into eradicating each other, but he failed. Dr. Diggers found the last surviving were-cheetah, an infant, and took her to be his daughter with his wife Julia. The cub was named Britanny "Cheetah" Diggers and Gina immediately took to her, calling her her baby sister (despite the fact that Britanny towers more than a foot above her).


    Gold Digger: Mini Series#1 (Sep 1992)
    Gold Digger: Mini Series#1 (Sep 1992)

    Britanny "Cheetah" Diggers is a main character from the Gold Digger series that was created by Fred Perry. The series first began as a mini-series in September of 1992 and published by Antarctic Press. She first appeared in Gold Digger #1 "The Hitchhiker's Guild to the Lost Cities".

    Character Evolution

    Like all were-creatures Cheetah can take 3 forms; human, hybrid and animal. She prefers hybrid because it allows her to speak, have hands with thumbs, and is a manageable size while also giving her some of the strength and speed of her animal form. She enjoys going on adventures with Gina and because of her physical prowess she acts as her sister's bodyguard. She doesn't do it for free though, her cut from the treasures they find goes towards her shopping, something she can't get enough of.

    Brittany met and married Stryyp'Gia, the prince of El Dorado They now have one child Tiffany.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Hunt for HER One Ring

    Britanny is a stead fast lover of three main things in life. Shopping, her husband, and tuna. Not necessarily within that order. Normally, Britanny had eaten tuna from a can, but eventually she went out for hunt for real, fresh tuna. In this fishing trip she caught one of the largest tuna ever. It had a large scar over it's eye and was called "Scar-Face". Britanny had been a bit too careless around her new catch. The giant fish bit her finger and fell back into the ocean. Much to Britanny's horror. The fish had also taken her wedding ring with it.

    Britanny vs Scarface
    Britanny vs Scarface

    Britanny had a new goal to capture Scar-Face and get her ring back. She refused to let Stripe buy her a new ring. She was going to reclaim her ring and cook that giant fish.

    After multiple fishing trips Britanny failed to capture or even find Scar-Face. This ate at her for many months. Even to the point of where it started to haunt her dream. While having a lovely dream of her and her husband a giant Scar-Face attacked and sucked them both up like some sort of whale. This had become the very last straw. Britanny woke up Charlotte, and they both went out to sea on one of Gina's computer controlled boats.

    After much fishing Britanny caught on her line what she was sure was Scar-Face. Whatever this was it was strong enough to pull against Britanny's great were-cheetah strength. Charlotte was busy playing with some fish off the side of the boat. The fish she had been playing with the entire time was Scar-Face. What Britanny had been struggling against had in fact been a giant idol buried under the seas, but had awaken for a cosmic purpose. A stellar eclipse was about to take place that would align several planets in such a way to

    Gold Digger #23
    Gold Digger #23

    focus the sun's rays into a deadly beam. The colossus serves the purpose of deflecting this beam. In the raise of the colossus. Scar-Face had escaped, but the tuna had actually been trapped within an enclosed pool on top of the colossus. Britanny's target was now trapped, but far too high up to reach. Luckly, Britanny had brought the harpy Charlotte along.

    Charlotte was able to fly Britanny up to the top of the colossus, but had carried her up in her three hundred pound hybrid form. In Britanny's excitement she had neglected to change her ninety pound human form. Once at the top Charlotte was exhausted to the point where she couldn't even stand. Time was short, because the death ray from outer space was on the way. Even though the colossus would deflect the ray. The force of the contact would be of nuclear proportion.

    Now at the top Britanny saw that Scar-Face was trapped within the pool. There was no need for a fishing pole and there was no time to mess around. Brit changed back into her hybrid form and jumped into the water and released all her months of frustration. Charlotte was in shock as she watched the battle. Britanny quickly prevailed and claimed her prize. Scar-Face was her's and soon so would her ring.

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    Just as Britanny had laid her hands on Scar-Face the colossus had started to shift and move. To prepare to deflect the space death ray it was converting oxygen and water into energy .The water that had held Scar-Face was being sucked within and it was creating a vacuum reaction. Britanny was able to run, carrying the tuna; but Charlotte was still too exhausted to move. No matter how hard she struggled. Charlotte fell inside the giant. The gears were moving inside and one of the gears grabbed and crush one of her wings. She cried out for help, but Britanny hesitated. If she let go of the fish she would never get it again. Scar-Face would be destroyed by the coming explosion and her ring would be lost forever. In anger and frustration she tossed the tuna off into the sea and using her super speed saved Charlotte just in time from being crushed completely. Charlotte's wing was in great pain, and Britanny apologized for her hesitation. She had neglected to remember just how tired Charlotte was from carrying her earlier. Trapped inside, Britanny made a run for the outside. With no where to go she made a blind leap. Charlotte tried to fly and carry them both to safety. This time Britanny had remember to change into her human form. Charlotte's injured wing gave out and they were both falling to the sea below. It looked as if they were doomed, but they were caught by the force field on Gina's boat that was controlled by the AI on board. The boat pulled them in and used it's hydro foil mode to go into high speed and escape the blast radius. Britanny was sure her ring was lost forever, but at least they were all safe.

    The sun had set and Britanny had come to terms that she had lost her ring. They decided to celebrate with some chocolate milks, but the computer AI on the boat told them that it had to eject everything that was stored in the boat's cooler. It had to make room for some new cargo. Curious Britanny opened the cooler and to her great surprise saw the giant tuna Scar-Face. The boats AI

    Britanny's Victory
    Britanny's Victory

    had seen the fish being tossed off the colossus. It was already warming up the tractor beam that had caught them earlier and tested it on the fish. the girls returned home with their prize. Britanny had her ring back and her husband Stripe cooked the fish. Britanny has guarded her ring ferociously ever since.

    The Lich King's Return

    Britanny's greatest challenge came when her grandfather, the Lich King, returned to try and take her daughter Tiffany's aura so he could regain his depleted power. Throwing Britanny and baby Tiffany into the realm of Oblivion, where the Gaoblin, former followers of the Dynasty of the Stars, caught in a cycle of undying unbirth worshipped an avatar of death like the Lich King.

    Britanny fought to protect her child with the aid of a golem created by her father's archmage teacher, as well as a magical journal holding a personality imprint of her grandfather before he was warped by death magic, Britanny was able to restart the cycle of life and death on Oblivion and earn the loyalty of the Gaoblin leader Crescens, who spent the next several years protecting the duo and training Britanny in Gaoblin magic, while Oblivion moved closer to Earth's realm and allow their transfer back through a portal.

    Cheetah was able to send her daughter through the portal into the arms of her husband Stryyp (from his point of view, mere days after they'd been taken), but leaving her having to take the long and dangerous way through Quasispace. Alongside Crescens and the aid of what appeared to be an older version of her sister, Ancient Gina, Ancient Gina directed her to current Gina's location in Quasispace, having been stranded there in a rescue attempt. The sisters united, their last obstacle was the Dynasty Fortress Ship Kia, which believed it had been abandoned and Crescens had been sent to call for it's return for the Dynasty, and thinking her enslaved by Britanny when she did not. In it's anger, it struck at Cheetah only for Crescens to sacrifice herself, causing Kia to realizes his grave error, and took the sisters the rest of the way home.

    Returned to her family, Britanny continued her role as Gina's bodyguard on archeological expeditions, as well as using her new gaoblin magic to assist Stripe on several of his more dangerous superhero missions.

    Britanny's Appearance

    Britanny as the last of the were-cheetah. Has the ability to change her appearance. She does have a human form, but keeps her more cat shaped ears. The human for for most werecats are much smaller then their hybrid forms, which is a half way point between their human and complete animal form. Britanny chooses to remain in her hybrid form. With this she can retain super speed and strength she wouldn't have access to in her tiny human form. Her husband Stripe also likes her tall. She can also control the length of her hair at will.

    Her hybrid form is quite muscular, but still very feminine, curvaceous and a large bust. Her skin is covered in a short fur the color of yellow and with with black spots. The whites of her eyes are a light shade of green with green pupils.

    Body Statistics

    StatsHuman FormHybrid FormAnimal Form
    Measurements:29-24-28 in. (74-61-71 cm)57-30-49 in. (145-76-124 cm)n/a

    Britanny's Powers

    Werecat Powers

    As a member of the werecat species of demihumans. These powers bring size, strength, and increased senses. Britanny has three forms of transformation. There is the basic human form, animal form, and hybrid form, which is a mid way level between man and animal. This gives the demihuman the advantages between the two levels. Once a werecat transforms out of their hybrid form to their human form they can't return to the hybrid form for twenty-four hours. Though with training a werecat can change at any time.

    Britanny received her transformation training from a former enemy turned friend, Jetta the werewolf. Through training she also learned to control the length of her hair at will.

    Gaoblin Magic

    Shortly after the birth of Tiffany, Britanny was stranded in the pocket dimension of Oblivion, home of the Gaoblin. There, their leader and high priestess, Crescens, who installed Gaoblin ether vent symbionts in her shoulders, what appears to be 'holes' that gather magic and overcome a werecreature's natural disadvantage in the area as a reward for Britanny restarting the cycle of death and rebirth in Oblivion, and taught Cheetah her knowledge of magic for several years. Now, Cheetah possesses great spell ability, which she most commonly uses in the form of 'lightning aura,' a form that both greatly increases her senses, and boosts her speed and strength to even greater heights. Cheetah did not neglect the more traditional spellcasting aspects of Crescens magic either, and now, like Crescens and her father, she may be counted as an archmage.


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