Cheese Sandwich

    Character » Cheese Sandwich appears in 22 issues.

    A travelling Earth Pony who is a self-titled "super duper party pony" throwing parties wherever one is needed. He is voiced by Werid Al' Yankovic.

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    Appearing in the episode "Pinkie Pride," Cheese Sandwich is a party-planner, like Pinkie Pie. He goes from town to town, throwing parties and livening things up (with his replaceable rubber chicken, Boneless). He just happens to come to Ponyville during the planning of Rainbow Dash's "birthdaversary" and the ponies forget that Pinkie Pie is Ponyville's resident party pony and start paying attention to Cheese Sandwich, and get him to plan the party instead, leaving Pinkie to feel outshined and unappreciated.

    Pinkie Pie laments, and then gathers up the courage to challenge Cheese to a "Goof-Off," of which Rainbow Dash will be the judge. Both ponies ham it up and out-goof each other, but when Pinkie sees that Rainbow Dash ISN'T having fun (because a giant pinata fell on her), she forfeits and accepts that Cheese Sandwich is the better party pony, and agrees to let him plan the party.

    Rainbow Dash and the rest of the ponies realize how they've been making Pinkie feel, and apologize for getting so excited about Cheese Sandwich, and they all realize that there is no reason both ponies can't plan the party. Cheese also admits that he used to be a very shy filly, until he saw Pinkie Pie throwing a party, and that she's the one who inspired him. Both ponies work together to make Rainbow Dash's birthaversary EPIC.

    At the end of the episode, Cheese gives Pinkie one of his rubber chickens.

    Cheese Sandwich appears several seasons later, in the episode "The Last Laugh." Cheese Sandwich has opened up a laugh factory, that churns out party props and goofy gag products. But Cheese has lost his smile. Pinkie is sent on a friendship mission to help him, and she concludes that sitting in an office in a factory is what is causing his depression-- he can't SEE the happiness his products are bringing to ponies. He needs to go out and be a part of the parties he helps create. Seeing their smiles helps him recover his own.

    In the series finale, it is shown that in the future, Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie Pie are married and have a daughter, Little Cheese.


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