Character » Cheater appears in 4 issues.

    A villain that...cheats when he fights. Who along with Dodge's gang, tried to take down Robin in order to gain respect and a name for them self in the criminal world.

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    Cheater is a street level villain who gained his name by being notorious for cheating in fights with the use of gadgets and other devices to let him gain the edge over his opponents. He joined Dodge's gang to get Robin in an attempt top make a name for himself by taking out a cape. After luring Robin into a hospital that Dodge and his gang have on lock down with all of the patients and staff hostage. Cheater using a hologram of himself tricks Robin and then he attacks Robin with a defibrillator nearly killing him if not for Robin's armor,however Dodge stops him proclaiming he does not want to kill Robin only show him Dodge is capable of beating him. Than Dodge teleports the Cheater and the gang away. After regrouping Cheater soons takes control of the Gang and forces Dodge to stay with threats to his family. Skill a member of the gang says she know who Robin is so Cheater sets up a trap in a park where Skill says Robin will be and when Robin in civilian clothes shows up The Gang attacks. Robin reveals himself to be Zatara the Magician than the real Robin shows up as Skill takes off her helmet revealing herself as Ravager revealing this was a set up. Cheater than traps Zatara in bubble device that keeps him from speaking. But the bubble is broken when dodge lures Brutus a member of the gang on to a landmine set up by Cheater earlier, Than Cheater grabs Dodge and puts a knife to his neck when Dodge tries teleporting away the energy emitted by Dodge's teleporting abilities reacts with the technology and gadgets the Cheater carries putting Cheater in a coma and causing Dodge to disappear.

    Power and Abilities

    Cheater has no powers but is an expert tactician and engineer who uses an assortment of gadgets and traps to win his fights. His gadgets are top of the line technology rivaling that of Batman.


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