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    Chazz Princeton is initially a selfish and arrogant duelist. Chazz is initially portrayed Jaden Yuki's rivals, but eventually becomes his friend.

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    Rich and arrogant like Kaiba, and emotional and short-tempered like Joey, Chazz is a pretty amusing character. He often refers to himself as "The Chazz."

    In the anime dub, Chazz Princeton is introduced in the first episode. In the second episode, his cronies inform Jaden that he was the No. 1 duelist at Duel Prep School, and that he's going to be the next King of Games (which Jaden says is impossible, since HE is going to be the next King of Games).

    At first, Chazz is a snotty Obelisk Blue, and when he loses a duel to Jaden, a Slifer Red, Dr. Crowler arranges him to duel Bastion Misawa, a Ra Yellow. If Chazz loses to Bastion, the two students will switch dorm rankings. Chazz is laughed out of class by those who used to respect him. This only adds to the pressure he's under from his older brothers, Slade and Jagger. The Princeton Brothers have a plan; total world domination. They must control three branches: politics, finance, and Duel Monsters. They simply tell Chazz to do his part and be the best.

    Chazz steals Bastion's deck and tosses it into the harbor, but that doesn't impede Bastion because he has put together multiple decks. Bastion defeats Chazz, but Chazz is so humiliated at the prospect of becoming a Ra Yellow, he gets into a boat and sails away from Duel Academy, and washes up at North Academy. He defeats 50 duelists and becomes North Academy's duel rep, and also acquires the duel spirit Ojama Yellow as a constant annoying companion.

    In "The School Duel," Chazz represents North Academy against Jaden of Duel Academy. Slade and Jagger fly in by helicopter, and bring TV cameras to capture Chazz's inevitable victory. In the locker room, they yell at Chazz and scold him for dropping out of Duel Academy, accusing him of trying to shirk his responsibility. They give him a briefcase full of rare and powerful cards to use, but Chazz chooses to use his own deck. He loses to Jaden, his brothers disown him, and while he is still beloved by North Academy, Chazz admits that Duel Academy is his true home, and wishes to come back. However, as per the rules, since he dropped out and is now coming back, he is technically a new student and therefore must start at the bottom-- at Slifer Red.

    Chazz gets Jaden in trouble.
    Chazz gets Jaden in trouble.

    Living in the small Slifer Red dorm is unbearable for Chazz, since he's rich and used to the luxuries of Obelisk Blue, but despite his complaining and temper-tantrums, he is friends with Jaden and crew, and gets in and out of trouble with them.

    Later on in the first season, Chancellor Shepperd informs Chazz that his brothers are attempting to buy Duel Academy and shut it down, as with Duel Academy out of the way, they can control the entire dueling world. The owner, Seto Kaiba, only agrees to sell them the academy if they can defeat one of the students in battle. Chazz will be that duelist. However, Slade tells Chazz that he can only use monsters that have less than 500 attack points. In order to obtain a deck full of appropriate cards, Chazz and Jaden go down an old well where duelists throw out their weak cards. Since Chazz can communicate with duel spirits, tons and tons of monster spirits beg him to take them and use them in his deck, which he does. He finds Ojama Brothers Black and Green, who are quite happy to be reunited with Ojama Yellow, who is constantly by Chazz's side.

    Chazz attracts the most duel spirits.
    Chazz attracts the most duel spirits.

    Chazz defeats Slade, saves the school, and becomes a hero to Duel Academy. Though he still isn't particularly happy to be crammed in a tiny dorm, surrounded by annoying duel spirits.

    Towards the end of season 1, Chazz develops a crush on Alexis and attempts to impress her by stealing the Spirit Keys, and dueling her. Alexis is not impressed, but Chazz maintains his crush on her into the second season.

    In season 2, Chazz is given the opportunity to move back up to Obelisk Blue, all he has to do is defeat an upstart freshman, Reginald Van Howell III. He wins, and the rest of the Slifer Red duelists praise him so much that Dr. Crowler assumes that Chazz likes being a Slifer, and has him stay, much to Chazz's dismay. Since he can't escape being a Slifer, he hires contruction workers to build a new, larger dorm room just for him. He later invites Alexis to move in after she leaves Obelisk Blue because Dr. Crowler is trying to turn her into a pop star.

    After Jaden loses a duel to Aster Phoenix, he loses his ability to hear duel spirits or even see his cards. Chazz, despite trying to appear aloof all the time, does care, and tries to help Jaden. When Jaden goes missing, Chazz looks for him, but runs into Sartorius instead, who convinces Chazz to join The Society of Light.


    Chazz starts out as arrogant and obnoxious, but his vulnerability is revealed when dealing with his brothers, who are putting a lot of pressure on him. After they disown him, he comes to accept his fellow students as his family. He cares about the school and his friends, but maintains an air of superiority. He is emotional and expressive, often losing his temper at those around him, especially his duel spirits, who never shut up.


    "Crazy kook! My attorney will be in touch with you!"

    "Take a chill pill, short-stack!"

    "I'm going to Chazz you up!!!"

    "You go bye bye!"

    "Alright, I'm going to go to the bathroom and hurl."

    "Just wish I had a parrot. Or an eye-patch."

    Jaden: *singing* "Hangin' out with the crew in the schoolyard, yeah, finding trouble, never working--"
    Chazz: "You know, you don't have to FOLLOW ME EVERYWHERE!!!"

    Ojama Yellow: "Come on, boss. Those guys just want to be your friends. Now let's go get some pizza. I call extra anchovies."

    Jaden: "So Chazz, who's your friend?"

    "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! THE CHAZZ SHOULDN'T LIVE LIKE A SLIFER RAT! I USED TO BE AN OBELISK BLUE! Jacuzzi tub, turn-down service, a week of renovations and this place STILL ISN'T LIVABLE!!!"

    Chazz: "Uh, morons, these little things in my ears? They're earplugs, now start over."
    Jaden: "Your key! It's vanished, Chazz! Look!"
    Chazz: "WHAT IN THE--?! No! It can't be! It's gone! How?"
    Jaden: "Those things in your ears? They make it so you can't hear doors being kicked in!"

    Chazz: "Sure, they look funny, they smell real bad, nobody even likes them, and they never shut up! But these guys taught me something important."
    Jaden and Syrus: "They did?
    Ojama Green: "You should eat dessert first?"
    Ojama Black: "Flies taste great?"
    Ojama Yellow: "That bathing is optional?"
    Chazz: "That good bros support each other!"

    "Look, kid. You're an obnoxious little punk, and I can respect that. But no snot-nosed freshman can stand up to the Chazz!"

    "You know, I used to be just like you; an elitist snob who looked down on everyone around me. But I've changed. Know how? Now I'm a snob who only looks down on SOME people. Anyway, there's a lesson in there, I'm just not sure where."

    "The Chazz has spoken!"


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