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    X-Factor foe. A human in the service of the demon Cloot. He was dragged to Hell by his master after he went crazy and threatened to kill X-Factor instead of making the mutant team serve Cloot as he promised.

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    Charlie Ronalds went through a traumatic experience as a young child when his parents were murdered by a mutant after watching the movie, Batman. Ronalds had a deep seeded hatred for mutants ever since and even went to school with one named Guido Carosella as a teenager. Ronalds attacked Guido after his mutant ability surfaced after being hit by a school bus. Ronalds was hospitalized after Strong Guy lashed out in a panic. Ronalds eventually recovered from his injuries and started to dabble in black magic. Ronalds would travel abroad and study the dark arts until his trust fund was depleted. One night, Ronalds summoned the demon Mr. Cloot and he offered Ronalds power and access to his realm in exchange for the souls of the X-Factor members. Ronalds accepted the deal and was transformed into a magically enhanced demon called Charon. X-Factor was attacked during a meeting by Charon and three enemies from X-Factor's past named Carnivore, Number One Fan and Professor Vic Chalker. The resurrected henchmen were defeated when Polaris blasted Professor Chalker into the blades of Number One Fan who was lasered in half in return and Multiple Man created a duplicate inside the mouth of Carnivore which blew the reptilian foe apart. Strong Guy realized that Charlie was Charon during the fight but he was eventually swallowed by Cloot for failing to close his end of the deal.


    Charon was created by Peter David and Terry Shoemaker in 1993 and first appeared in X-Factor Annual # 8.

    Powers & Abilities

    Charon was granted eldritch power from Satannish and possessed the ability to emit hellfire from his hands or his demon staff. Charon also had enhanced strength, durability and resistance to injury.


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