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    Ferryman of the dead. In Greek Myth he was the ferryman who delivered newly dead souls across the River Styx and into the Underworld, typically demanding coins in payment for his services. Deports souls into the Underworld for Lord Hades in Greek Mythology.

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    Greek Mythology

    Charon has appeared, albeit briefly at times, in numerous forms of modern media, typically fulfilling his role as ferryman of the dead.

    DC Comics

    In the pre-crisis universe he was seen guarding the gates of the Underworld, when the mortal Steve Trevor came to rescue Sofia Constantinas. He punched Charon into the Styx to make their escape.

    In the post crisis world, Charon was still the ferryman of the Underworld and it was he who ferried the Olympian Goddesses to Gaea's womb, the Cavern of Souls. Here the Goddesses used the souls within to create the Amazon race. He was also called upon to steer the Great Ark into Oblivion with the Gods, if their warrior of choice, Wonder Woman, couldn't stop the mad god Ares.

    He was seen again during the War of the Gods, where he turned on the goddess Harmonia and then trying to stop Heracles from entering Hades. As a result he was destroyed by the demi-god. This ferryman would be found to be the Roman counterpart. The real Charon would later return to his post.


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