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The Charmed ones are back...

When did carrying on a television show in comic book form become a fad? It has been happening for years but lately it has become more abundant and sometimes it makes sense to do so and sometimes it doesn’t. Charmed is one of those times where it makes a lot of sense.

The comic takes place 18 months after Season 8 ended, or happily ever after as it affectionately referred to. The Halliwell sisters are trying to live their lives and bring up the next generation of witches but that is proving a lot of hassle especially when it so happens the children are already using their powers and on top of that, evil is trying to claw its way back.

Obviously they could not just leave the show with the ending it had, it was too cheesy and too perfect plus as it has been said throughout the series evil will find a way, I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the Halliwell sisters and nor were thousands of others. This is a great way to explore things that could not be produced on television.

It has the quirky charm that made the series so enjoyable. The dialogue is just that of the series, you can almost picture the actress’s voices in your head saying the things they are saying, it’s a nice thing having the girls back.

Obviously there is more room to explore the fantastical here and there is a bit of showing off but I can see what the artists are going for here, realism with fantastical elements and it works very well and at times it does invoke thoughts about the style of the original series. All in all it’s fun but it’s strictly a Charmed fans only comic.

A solid beginning to, hopefully, a fantastic comic book series.

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