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    Charmcaster is a human from another dimension and a former enemy of Ben 10.

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    Charmcaster is the daughter of Spellbinder, the greatest hero of an alternate dimension called the Ledgerdomain. Spellbinder sought to free the ralm from a tyrant called Adwaita. During their final battle Spellbinder forced his brother and youngest daughter to flee to our dimension for thier own safety. Charmcaster vowed to become the greatest sorceress ever and avenge her father. Over time however she and her Uncle Hex began using their powers for selfish purposes and Hex was eventually incarcerated.

    Ben 10

    As a young teenager Charmcaster eventually found and freed her uncle and the two began to search for a powerful magical artifact called the Keystone Of Bezel wich just so happened to have fallen into the possesion of Gwen Tennyson. Hex's intention were to recreate a the 5 Charms of Bezel wich when combined multiply any magic user power 100,000 times, all the while Charmcaster plotted to usurp the power for herself. Charmcaster and Hex battled the Tennyson family in Las Vegas and managed to rest the Keystone and complete the recreation ritual but were thwarted by Ben and Gwen Tennyson in their respective "Wildvine" and "Lucky Girl" personas and seemingly depowered.

    Weeks later a newly repowered Charmcaster ambushed the Tennysons in Salem, Massachusetts and attempted to switch bodies with Ben in order to gain control of the Omnitrix and elevate her already formidable abilities, a small fluke would result in Gwen and Charmcaster's spirits switching instead. During the episode, Charmcaster was capable of casting spells while being stuck in Gwen's body. Charmcaster explains to Gwen that if it was not for her magical aura then none of her spells would have worked. Eventually the situation is rectified and Charmcaster is defeated and arrested.

    Charmcaster appeared many months later as a member of the Negative 10 alongside many other Ben 10 foes but was no more succesful.

    Alien Force

    Charmcaster (like many of Ben and Gwen old rogues) returned 5 years late, with her focus now fully shifted towards Gwen. Now master magician, she seduced Kevin Levin and compelled him into helping her against the Tennysons and was able to steal Gwen's mana powers. After Kevin had tricked her, she began dueling Gwen and began to killing her. Gwen turned the tables on her and recited a spell that returned all her powers, this left Charmcaster weak, shocked and confused. Charmcaster was then informed that magic was only one aspect of who Gwen was and unlike her, she doesn't rely on magic alone. She was then sent flying through an inter-dimensional vortex conjured up by Gwen.

    Ultimate Alien

    Charmcaster refused to give up allying herself with Zombozo and Vulkanus in kidnapping Ben Tennyson's mother only to be defeated by Kevin Levin.

    The hostilities would come to an end when the Alien Force is forced to enlist Charmcaster's aid in the fight against Aggregor who had tracked down a piece of the "Map Of Infinity" to Ledgerdomain. During the team-up Charmcaster's origins are revealed to the team and they develop a bond. She and Gwen finally realise that with her knowledge and Gwen's powers they make a super awesome team. They eventually run afoul of Adwaita and a fierce battle ensues. The source of Adwaita's power which was belived to be an Ancient Rune was revealed to be the missing map piece. Aggregor appeared out of nowhere and stole it before making his escape through the crumbling gateway. Charmcaster helped Alien Force escape but purposefully remained behind to free her people, knowing very well that "The Door To Anywhere" would never open again, since the Alpha Rune had left the dimension. Alien Force has then vowed to free her and her people one day.

    Powers and Abilities

    Charmcaster is a human who comes from Ledgerdomian, where her race are able to practice and do magic. Since her race is capable of doing magic, they are also capable of controlling and manipulating mana, but takes up to five years to master it. Charmcaster can control and manipulate mana but not on the same level as Anodites such as Gwen, Sunny and Verdona. She doesn't use her bag anymore and relies on mana, but still uses magic and super powerful spells. It has also been revealed by Gwen, that magic derives from mana during the "Where The Magic Happens" episode. Charmcaster's mana has a lighting-like effect with a white colour to it. Another thing about her mana is that when she attacks with it, it forms large spheres around her hands that look like atoms. With her mana and magic she can: open up interdimensional portals and vortexes, shapeshift, animate, teleport, fly, levitate, fire mana lightning bolts, transform mana into elements, read auras, use compulsion, drain powers and cast spells. After Charmcaster took over of Ledgerdomain, her powers became extremely super charged since she became the realm ruler of all magic. Now she is capable of controlling all rock creatures in Ledgerdomain, fire balls of mana-magic, fire concussive mana-magic rays, change the name of the Door To Anywhere every few seconds and steal souls with ease. The soul stealing may only be done with the help of the Alpha Rune, which she also posses but only she only used it in episode: The Enemy Of Frenemy. Gwen has stated that soul stealing is: "The darkest of all dark magic."

    Charmcaster carried a twisted looking bag, that seems to be a pocket dimension. Allowing her to store an unlimited amount of items in the bag. She is last carrying it in "Ben 10 VS Negative 10". The bag makes another appearance in "Where the magic happens".

    She also wields a power staff similar to her uncle's now that she has become a master magician and is capable of emitting powerful blasts of destructive energy.

    Spells used by Charmcaster

    Ocktoon- gives life to any inanimate object.

    Ocktoon Eradico- gives life to a picture or drawing.

    Tempestus- allows the caster to manipulate water at will.

    Vitalis Eruptum- allows the caster to make seeds grow into vines and manipulate them.

    Valieris Mihi Occoltus Valieris Meus Amacitia Occoltus- allows the caster to create a dome of pink mana that allows anyone within it to become invisible. The caster must spin in a circle in order create the dome. You also can't use the dome while moving.

    Amplusmica- allows the caster to fire magic powder that can turn whatever it hits into a field of flowers, such as a huge area of sharp rocks.

    Reptilicus- makes a staff or any object turn into a snake instantly.

    Meus Manus Manus- makes any staff or object fly into the hands of the caster.

    Eratico- blows up the target of the caster.

    Atherfo- causes flowers to levitate and spin at speeds capable of slicing through rock.

    Perturbo- creates a bridge of mana-magic that is capable of passing over and through a mystic sink hole. This spell can only work with a combination of powerful magic users such as Gwen and Charmcaster.

    Hitreya- makes " The Door to Anywhere" appear.

    Vita- allows the caster to summon numerous rock creatures from the ground.


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