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Charlotte is the daughter of Mayor Hady (the mayor of Gotham) a fact which she chooses to hide from those that know her. Her twin sister, Jill Hampton, was separated from her at a young age. She is an established and well respected investigative reporter.


Charlotte Rivers was created by Detective Comics writer Tony Daniel. She is first mentioned in issue #1 but her first appearance was in issue #2 in 2011.

Major Story Arcs

Detective Comics: Faces of Death- Dollmaker

Bruce Wayne has stood Charlotte several times on there quiet weekend plans, this forces Charlotte to show up unexpected at Wayne Towers. There the two get romantic, and Bruce promises her that that weekend they would spend a quiet night in. Later while Batman is trying to find the Dollmaker and Commissioner Gordon, Charlotte puts her reporter skills to the test trying to get news from Harvey Bullock about Gordon's fate. Later when Batman has stopped the Dollmaker and saved Gordon, Bruce full fills his promise to Charlotte and takes her to her family's lake side cabin, where the two share a romantic weekend.

Detective Comics: Faces of Death- Penguin

During the grand opening of The Iceberg Casino, Charlotte and Bruce Wayne are invited by Hugh Marder to be his guests. Bruce can't make it, due to Batman being needed else where, but Charlotte goes, but only to do some undercover reporting on the Penguin and to catch her sister, Jill Hampton, and stop her from doing something illegal. While snooping around, Charlotte is jumped by Snakeskin who is working with Jill. He stabs Charlotte but before he can kill her, Batman swoops in and saves her. Charlotte is unconscious and bleeding badly, so Batman makes arrangements to get her to a hospital where she stabilizes while batman stops Jill from making a deadly mistake.

Detective Comics: Scare Tactics

For more information see: Detective Comics #10

When Bruce Wayne comes to see Charlotte in the hospital, she tells him she needs space and is moving to Paris for a while. Bruce wants to stay and convince her to stay, but his Batman duties call and he rushes off with out saying goodbye.

Powers and Abilities

As with most characters in the Gotham based stories, Charlotte has no super powers. She has been proven to be a skilled journalist, with other complimentary skills such as disguise and infiltration.


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