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    Charlie Dog is an annoying dog that causes grief for some of the Looney Tunes.

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    Charlie is a mixed breed dog defined by one desire, getting adopted by a master. He knows all the ways to play the cute puppy and proudly claims descent from numerous breeds. But his agressive self-promotion puts off masters. Add an unwillingness to quit and you have a dog that can really ruin your day. 
    The basic concept was introduced in the cartoon short "Porky's Pooch" (1941) by Robert Clampett. Though the dog was called "Rover". His chosen master being Porky Pig. The cartoon had a happy ending with the two finally bonding. 
    Clampett never re-used the character. Chuck Jones revived "Rover" under a new name in "Little Orphan Airdale" (1947). The story was essentially a remake of the former short. With a twist ending. Porky changes his mind and once again throws out the dog. Jones used Charlie in four other cartoons. Two of them had him co-starring with Porky, two feature Charlie alone. His best remembered short is probably "The Awful Orphan" (1949) which has Porky suffering a nervous breakdown. Resulting in Charlie held prisoner in his new home by a feral Porky.  
    The last major appearance of Charlie was in "A Hound for Trouble" (1951). Chuck jones never reused him. Charlie next had a cameo in "Dog Tales" (1958) by Bob McKimson. Charlie remains a minor but memorable character. He has made frequent cameos since the 1990s. But has not returned to stardom. 


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