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Charlie was one of Dunwich Sanatorium's patients but when Dr. Rottwell took over he cut off Charlie's hands and replaced them with chainsaws.


Major Story Arcs

Insane in the Brain

For more information see: Insane In The Brain


For more Information See: Rot

When Wolverine tracks down Dr. Rottwell to his backwoods Rottwell Estate, he is ambushed by Charlie Chainsaws, Tater, and Baylee Ann. Charlie is able to almost cut Wolverine in half before Wolverine uses his claws and destroys the chainsaws Charlie uses as hands. Wolverine almost escapes but when Tater uses his dieing breath to say the trigger that paralyzes Wolverine, Charlie is there to carry Logan back to the house.

When Logan later thinks he escapes, he cuts off Charlie's head, but it is later revealed that Logan's escape is only in his head and Tater has taken over Wolverine's body and mind. Later when the FBI shows up looking for Dr. Rottwell, Charlie personally cuts two agents to ribbons.

Later when Tater corners Melita Garner, still in control of Wolverine's body, Melita almost escapes but literally runs into Charlie. This gives time for Tater and Baylee to catch up, but this time when Tater goes to kill Melita, Logan regains control of his body. He slashes up Charlie and guts Baylee.

It is unclear is Charlie Chainsaws is dead or really badly slashed and unconciuos.


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