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    Co-Founder of the 31st century superhero group, Guardians of the Galaxy, he is the last survivor of a race genetically engineered to live on Jupiter.

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    In the 31st century, Charlie-27 was the fifth generation of his family born on planet Jupiter, after space-migrating from Earth. Like all pioneers, Charlie-27's human body was adapted at birth to withstand Jupiter's conditions: Eleven times the mass and three times the gravity of Earth.

    He was descendant of a human subspecies genetically engineered as workers on gas-mining platforms suspended in the atmosphere of Jupiter. When the Solar System was invaded by the Badoon race, Charlie's people were wiped out, he then joined a small rebel group which became known as the Guardians of the Galaxy.


    Charlie-27 was created by writer, Arnold Drake, and artist, Gene Colan, in his first appearance in Marvel Super-Heroes vol 1 #18 (1/1969). Mike Esposito was the inker for this issue.

    Major Story Arcs

    Forming the Guardians

    After six months of solitary space-militia duty, Charlie-27 has rocketed joyously home, and into a universal nightmare from which no human may ever return alive and free.

    Charlie-27 first met Martinex as he was escaping from Badoon soldiers. The two of them decided to work together and escape from the Badoon. They would eventually meet up with Vance Astro (Major Victory) and Yondu, and form the Guardians of the Galaxy. Charlie-27 was a member of the Guardians for years as they fought the oppression of the Badoon.The group stayed together after the defeat of the Badoon, and Charlie became their main pilot and strategist, as well as taking command often in the field due to his military training.

    Romance in the group

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    Charlie continued to be a loyal member of the team under the lead of both Martinex and Major Victory. Often helping the team focus on it's goals rather than squabble with one another. Charlie had great interest in forming a romantic relationship with Nikki, but at the time she was uninterested. She would later realize that she did have feelings for Charlie, although when she confronted him, Charlie decided that they should remain friends.

    When Starhawk reabsorbed Aleta, he convinced Charlie and the others to return to the past and destroy the Badoon before they could wipe out their races, against the ruling of Major Victory. Charlies hatred of the Badoon fueled his decisions, much as it did with the others. Once they were back in time, at the Badoon home world Moord, Charlie fought with his fellow teammates to challenge the Badoon to single combat. In the fight, Nikki would burn off all of Charlie's hair.

    Charlie would win the battle to face the Badoon, only to find that his opponent would be L'Matto, combined with the cosmic powered Enigma Force, thus making him the extremely powerful Captain Universe. Charlie was nearly killed in the battle but rescued by Aleta and Doctor Strange. Charlie was still in bad shape, and would have died if he had not been saved by Yellowjacket, who had followed them back to their time.


    Rancor would make a clone of Charlie-27 and cause interplanetary authorities to believe that he was the infamous serial killer Ripjak. Charlie was captured and locked up on the prison planet known as the Stockade. Charlie would be beaten regularly by prison guards who had allied themselves with Tork. Tork would make sure that his enemy had a very unpleasant stay. Charlie was released when the clone was revealed, it's scar was on the wrong side of Charlie's face, which gave away the imposter.

    Charlie would recover and remain the heavy hitter with heavy firepower on the team. When Major Victory began making questionable decisions, Charlie and the others took a break from the team and decided they would reconvene and and vote for leadership upon their return. During this time, Charlie and Nikki finally got together with each other, a romance that had been building for a long time.

    Guardians 3000

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    More recently, Charlie-27 and his team where forced to investigate a time-flux that had started to appear in the galaxy, causing many things to 'happen again', though with different outcomes. This caused the team to fight some battles that they already fought as well as not remembering certain events.

    Personal Data


    • Height: 6"
    • Weight: 555 lbs
    • Eye Color: Blue
    • Hair Color: Brown


    • Place of Birth: Galileo City, Jupiter (31st century-Reality 691)
    • Citizenship: Planet Jupiter's Earth Colony (31st century-Reality 691)
    • Education: Graduated in bio-genetics at kree Science Academy in Vartanos, Kree-Lar
    • Occupation: Adventurer, former construction worker, freedom fighter, soldier, space militia pilot
    • Known Relatives: Charlie-26 and Mabel-17 (parents, deceased)

    Powers & Abilities

    As a Jovian, Charlie has tremendous strength, stamina, durability, and the ability to survive far greater gravity and pressure than mainstream humans. Charlie has been shown to have the strength to dig his fingers into metal, tear apart metal walls, and destroy and rip apart robots with his bare hands. Charlie's incredible durability and stamina allow him to survive great physical trauma, including long falls, the crushing force of an industrial press and many kilovolts of electricity.

    Since the mining platforms maintained breatheable air, he presumably cannot breathe the atmosphere of Jupiter.

    Charlie is a skilled pilot and has military experience as a member of the United Lands of Earth Space Militia. He is often the tactical field leader of the Guardians.

    Other Media


    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

    Charlie-27 appears in a post-credit scene, played by Ving Rhames, as Yondu´s original team gathers together after his death. They are: Stakar Ogord, Martinex, Charlie-27, Krugarr and Mainframe.


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