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    Character » Charles Lehnsherr appears in 134 issues.

    Charles is the son of Rogue and Magneto in the Age of Apocalypse.

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    Charles was named after his father's long deceased friend, Charles Xavier, who died during his father's "formative years". His birth was considered a miracle by the X-Men as his mother still could not control her powers and ran the risk of killing him the entire time he grew inside her and later on when he was birthed. Despite his complicated birth and miraculous conception, he grew into a normal child despite the death and destruction around him. Two of his closet friends were Blink and his personal robot caretaker, Nanny. He also enjoyed a healthy dose of a stable family despite his father and mother being leaders of the X-Men, as the rebellion against Apocalypse was known.

    Loss of innocence

    When a mysterious man known as Bishop entered the lives of the X-men he saw his friends shuffled off to battle. He remained relatively unaffected until Apocalypse himself came to their house. Nanny quickly sped off with him and manged to keep him safe for hours before the X-Calibur traitor, Strong Guy, destroyed Nanny and took him directly to Apocalypse.

    He remained a captive until his mother freed him and his father. As the missiles approached they embraced the end together as a family. But the end never came.

    Life after Apocalypse

    He survived the fall of Apocalypse and enjoyed greater mobility in the restored America where his family was raised to celebrity status. Just as before, though, he was captured this time by the Guthrie family. He was rescued by his mom and friends and is being raised by his mother while his father is incarcerated. He is the last living child of Magneto. His friend Blink has also gone missing.

    Apparently he was killed by Demon Ock in front of Magneto.

    Known relatives

    Rogue (mother), Magneto (father), Quicksilver (Half Brother, deceased), Scarlet Witch (half sister, deceased)

    Place of birth: Salem Center, Westchester, New York

    Citizen ship: USA, Minor

    Occupation: Adventurer, freedom fighter

    Physical characteristics

    Height: 4’

    Weight: 90pounds

    Eyes: Blue

    Hair: Dirty Blond/Brown (officially stated as Brown though always seen as blond originally and dirty blonde in the 2005 series).


    Due to being the son of the powerful mutants Rogue and Magneto, Charles is an extremely powerful mutant with an array of psychic-based abilities

    Reality-Warping (latent): Charles has the latent ability to control, alter, and manipulate reality itself.

    Telepathy: Even at a young age, Charles possesses potent telepathic powers allowing him to read minds, communicate telepathically, and experience the memories and thoughts of others. He was even able to detect Nate Grey's astral form even though no one else could.

    Telekinesis: Charles has the ability to move, levitate and otherwise manipulate objects using his psionic energy. He uses this energy to affect and control molecules and particles, allowing him to fully control matter and energy.

    Empathic Power Mimicry: When in extreme emotional duress, Charles is capable of mimicking the powers and abilities of others around him. He has mimicked the powers and abilities of the following:

    • Wolverine's (Healing Factor)
    • Magneto's (Magnetokinesis)
    • Bishop's (Energy Absorption & Energy Blasts)
    • Quicksilver's (Super-Speed and Agility)
    • Scarlet Witch's (Hex Bolts)


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