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Charles Thompson was created by Joshua Hale Fialkov and Andrea Sorrentino.

The characters name is likely a reference to the lead singer of the Pixies, whose real name is Charles Thompson but originally went by the stage name Black Francis, and eventually Frank Black.

Major Story Arcs

Andrew Bennett visited the Oblivion Bar in New York and spotted the young magician Charles Thompson. Despite his age, Bennett was aware of Thompson's great potencial but also of his lack of opportunities and connections that other mages like Constatine had. With that in mind, he sent Tig to seduce the magician. Thompson heard Bennett's offer to take over the world and liked the idea of becoming one of his generals. He gladly accepted Tig's bite that turned him into a vampire.

Powers and Abilities

Thompson is a natural mage of significant potential. While the full extent of his power are currently unknown, Bennett implied he was more powerful than John Constantine.


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