Charles Dodgson

    Character » Charles Dodgson appears in 43 issues.

    A wealthy man born in the early 19th century who, after contracting an incurable disease, strikes a bargain with the being who rules Wonderland for eternal life.

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    Death of Dodgson
    Death of Dodgson

    In his forties Charles contracted an incurable disease. Driven by a fierce urge to live, he spent a great deal of time and money searching for a cure. Failed by the doctors of the day his search led into the improbable and mystical. Influenced by the ruler of wonderland he came to discover the work of Henry Allen. Through this he came to strike a deal with the Jabberwock in which he sacrifices people (mainly children) to Wonderland in exchange for youth and health. This he has done since then, sacrificing mainly from his own extended family. He masquerades as Calie's great grandfather, though in truth he is her great great grandfather.

    During the events of Escape from Wonderland Charles witnessed the effects of the Wonderland on the real world and became overwhelmed with guilt. He traveled to Wonderland and there provoked Johnny Liddle into stabbing him with the Ebony Blade. The death specter of Wonderland was so summoned. He congratulates Charles before touching him and ending the torment that had his eternal life had become.


    Charles is able to sacrifice to Wonderland in exchange for youth and health. He can also speak with and perceive the true nature of Wonderland entities.


    • Height: 6'3"
    • Weight: 225
    • Eyes: blue
    • Hair: white
    • Relatives: Millie Dodgson (wife, deceased), Howard Dodgson (great grandson, deceased), Alice Liddle (granddaughter, deceased), Lory Hall (granddaughter), Calie Liddle (great granddaughter), Johnny Liddle (great grandson), Violet Liddle (great great granddaughter).

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