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    Person » Charles Cuidera is credited in 161 issues.

    An artist from the golden age of comics known for his work on Blackhawk comics.

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    Although there is some controversy as to who originally created Blackhawk comics, I personally vouch that he was the founder and original creator of the comic. My mother Diane Del Monte (Cuidera is her maiden name) remembers helping her father with the comics as a little girl. (BTW- they grew up on the east coast)

    I am unsure of the exact date of when he died, but he had retired in Daytona Beach, Florida before he unfortunately died from a heart attack. His wife (87) as of this writing, is still alive and well. She lives not to far from my mother in Minnetonka, MN. He was a great artist and inspired my mother to become a fine artist as well.

    Although I don't know the exact history of his comics, as a grandson, I'll miss him dearly. My best memories of him was visiting him in Florida when I was about 15 and he taught me how to drive as well as taking me to the shooting range. However, I will not sugar coat one thing. Opinions vary greatly about his life as a father and a husband. Generally speaking, most family members would agree that he was abusive at times. Regardless, I always had a good relationship with him and have kept several comics for sentimental reasons.

    His art and inspiration lives on through my mother as well as myself. We (the Del Monte's) currently run a well established Ad Agency in Minnetonka, MN called If you have an questions regarding his work, I would be happy to put you in touch with a family member that would be better suited to answer any question you may have about his life or his artwork.

    I hope you enjoy his comics today and years to come. Again, he will sincerely be missed.

    Best Regards,

    Christian Del Monte (Grandson)

    P.S. This is a picture of my Grandfather Charles Cuidera.


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