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Charlemagne's background is unknown. She had experience in various forms of armed and unarmed combat, proficient with hand guns and knives. Wolverine regarded her a better tracker than himself. Noting that she knew how to hide from his senses when needed.

She was a freelance agent who earned a small fortune from her missions. Wolverine advised her against trusting the Soviets as employers, temporary or not. She was too stubborn to listen. One day it backfired. She learned high-security Soviet secrets, making her a prime target for assassination.

Charlemagne was attacked in east Berlin by over 50 Soviet agents. Wolvie joined her in battle. They were able to slay their attackers but an injured Charlie had to retreat and lick her wounds. She went deep into cover for years.


Charlemagne was created by Christopher Priest and Mark Bright and first appeared in Spider-Man vs. Wolverine issue 1 (1987).

Major Story Arcs

Spider-Man and Wolverine

Charlemagne eventually resurfaced, finding and slaying random Soviet agents in retaliation for the constant hunt for her. She left behind her trademark signature, a heart-shaped charm. However her murder spree also made her a target for security agencies around the planet.

She arrived in Manhattan, continuing to kill undercover agents. Two of her victims were the owners of a small family business. Spider-Man considered her a common murderer and was soon on her tracks. She left New York City for Berlin before anyone had chance to apprehend her.

Wolverine recognized Charlie's style and headed for Berlin to contact her. Ned Leeds had also smelled a big case for the Daily Bugle, arriving in Berlin on a journalistic mission. With Peter Parker as his photographer. Wolvie soon realized Parker was Spidey as they had the same scent. He called the man for a private discussion. While they talked Leeds was assassinated. Leaving Spidey highly suspicious of Wolverine and his motives.

Wolverine was able to contact Charlemagne. They shared a kiss and later a romantic date around town. A date interrupted by further Soviet attacks. She left Wolvie and stayed two steps ahead of his efforts to relocate her. Wolvie accused Spidey of messing with his plans to convince Charlie to hide again.

Charlemagne arranged her next meeting with her friend in a cemetery. She had realized that she could neither fight nor hide forever. To avoid a painful death, she wanted Wolvie to euthanize her. Using his claws. He managed to wound her but didn't have the heart to actually kill her.

Spider-Man discovered them at this moment and attacked the "murderous" X-Man. Supposedly trying to rescue Charlie. The two heroes were enraged at each other and pulled out all the stops in their fight. Charlie figured out another way to die quickly. She approached the Spider from behind. He assumed it was Wolverine coming from another angle and delivered a fatal blow to Charlemagne.

She just had time to bid farewell to Wolvie, promising to see him in the next life.


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