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    Charity is a fortune teller.

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    Very little is known about Charity. Originally from the American South, she made her living there as a fortune teller and storyteller. At some point she became acquainted with the magician Zatara. Eventually, after the locals stopped coming to visit her at the Dark Mansion she moved to Opal City.


    Charity was created by Robert Kanigher and Howard Chaykin. She made her first appearance in Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion #7. She was significantly updated by James Robinson and Tony Harris.

    Character Evolution

    Bronze Age

    Initially introduced in the Bronze Age, Charity was only known as the Witch of the Dark Mansion. No further details were known about her or her life.

    Modern Age

    Reintroduced in the Modern Age, the Dark Mansion was relocated to the American South, the character was given the name Charity and reimagined as a fortune teller with genuine precognitive abilities. Her work at the Dark Mansion was absorbed into continuity, and described by her as a job that she had previously held.

    Major Story Arcs

    Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion

    The Witch of the Dark Mansion narrates tales of suspense and horror to those who approach her at the Dark Mansion.


    Moving to Opal City, Charity opens the shop Fortunes & Forbidden Tales. There she meets Jack Knight, and tells him his future, by extension encouraging him to continue along the path to becoming Starman. Later, she foretells the future for him again, solidifying his course, as well as introducing him to Sadie Falk. When Jack begins hunting Merritt, she claims to foresee her own death and calls to him for help, resulting in her meeting Mason O'Dare, with whom she is destined to fall in love. Though she loves him immediately, it takes Mason some time to accept their connection. Meanwhile she continues to aid Jack and others using her powers, including summoning Black Pirate at Sadie's request, and informing Jack about the goings-on in Opal while he was in space. During Culp's takeover of the city she is kidnapped and held hostage by Barry O'Dare, and rescued by the remaining O'Dares working together. In the aftermath, Mason finally admits his love for her, and they agree to marry. She senses it when Mason is shot by Lucas Ludlow-Dalt, and, for her, Zatara saves Mason's life.

    Alternate Versions


    Charity appears as a minor character who is associated with Rita Covas.

    Powers and Abilities

    Charity is precognitive, able to read the future at will, the exact extent of this power is unknown. She is particularly gifted with tarot cards. She also possesses limited clairvoyance, and some magical ability.


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