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    Drury Walker was always a second rate villain, he took on the identity of Killer Moth and clashed with Batman many times. But one day, Neron came and offered him something and he became Charaxes.

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    As Killer Moth

    Before he became Charaxes, Drury Walker was always second rate criminal. He became the second Killer Moth, after the first was defeated by Batgirl. However, Drury never made it to being number one, he clashed with Batman many times and he even discovered his secret identity but a brain operation removed the memory. He later formed the Misfits, a group compromising of him, Calender Man, Catman and the always lucky Chancer. They kidnapped Bruce Wayne, Commissioner Gordon and Mayor Krol and held them hostage for ten million dollars. Although the others were willing to let the victims go, Killer Moth decided to lower their cage into the water during a high tide unbeknown to the others. With the help of Robin and Nimrod the Hunter the trio was able to escape and Batman made it in time to defeat the bad guys. Calender Man offered to give up when he learned of Killer Moth's attempted murder because he didn't want to go down as a murderer.

    Rise of Charaxes

    In Underworld Unleashed, Neron came to Walker and offered him a choice, to sell his soul for an even greater power. Walker agreed and he finally got the power he always craved, the power of fear. Walker morphed into the savage Charaxes and fed on his prison guards. He then went on to feeding on human flesh and he captured Robin and trapped him in his cocoon to feed on him. However Robin was able to escape. Charaxes was later taken as prisoner by Lock- Up along with Two-Face, Croup, Veezy, Col.Vazri and later a disguised Robin. When Nightwing infiltrated the prison and tried to free Robin, he pressed the wrong button and all the prisoners were released. Lock-Up then began to flood the jail room with water.

    The Charaxes was the first to reach the staircase (which led to a hatch sealed by Lock up and the only way out) and he and Nightwing began to fight and because he was a Moth and couldn't swim well, Nightwing defeated him.

    Sometime later, Charaxes began to lay eggs in hundred which hatched into clones of Dury Walker. In anger Charaxes tried to destroy them but couldn't. After he was captured, the clones/duplicates were taken into government custody. It is likely that one of them may be the new Killer Moth that appeared in the Face the Face storyline.

    Infinite Crisis

    During an assault on the insane Superboy-Prime, Prime becomes enraged and rips Charaxes in half,

    Blackest Night

    Charaxes is reanimated by a Black Lantern ring, along with many other deceased heroes/villains killed by Prime. They gather around the reanimated Alexander Luthor and he transports them to Earth Prime, where they meet up with the newly reanimated Legionaires. They attack Superboy Prime in a comic shop, where Alexander Luthor forces Prime to wear his super suit. They fight through New York, and Prime tries killing them again by ripping Charaxes in half and blasting a hole through Bushido's chest. The Black Lanterns regenerate, and they crash into the DC Comics studios. Prime tries to get the writers to stop the Black Lanterns, only to be transported back home. Alexander continues Primes torture by threatening to burn all of his comics. Prime gives in, wanting his life to end for all the bad things hes done. He accepts a Black Lantern ring. The ring tries to kill him, but begins cycling through his many emotions. The ring overloads and explodes with Emotional Energy, killing all of the Black Lanterns around him.


    As Charaxes, Drury Walker possessed tremendous strength and his body was tough enough to stop bullet from machine guns. He also can fly and spin cocoons around his prey.He feeds on human flesh. Because he is barely human he cannot speak properly and talks in third person referring to himself as Charaxes (ex:"Charaxes feeds"). He also possesses some of his emotions shown by his reaction to the clones.

    He also seems to be somewhat aware of his surroundings, like where the exit is after he walked out of Lock Up's jail.

    Personality (as Killer Moth)

    As Killer Moth Walker was obsessive and ruthless when it came to killing. He also had no qualms about shooting anyone. He also had his equipment upgraded by Calenderman, his mask now sported an infra-red lenses and his rifle could now shoot real bullets along with phosphor grenades and tranquilizer darts.


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