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The return of the Lord of the Olympus

The Story - The Chaos King, a japanese god (named Amatsu-Mikaboshi), has risen to take what´s his for natural right: he wants back the whole existence, to bring everything to an end, and annihilate all gods, myths and it´s up for Earth´s heroes, leaded by the Prince of Power (Hercules), to stop this madness.
The Writing - There are some strong and weak points in this first issue and I´ll try to name them
A) Strong points - 1) I think that Pak and Van Lente´s aproach with Hercules and Amadeus Cho friendship was very interesting, not corny and in the same time deep and funny (like they never have been apart), and the fact that Cho went through all those trouble (see Prince of Power mini series) to try and rescue Hercules from Hera´s prision justifies the writer´s view regarding this friendship as something important to this arc; 2) The dialogues in this issue were fun to read, not demanding a lot of attention from me, what I classify as an "easy read", a really fun book; 3) Hercules coming back (and with a major role) is something that brings joy to my heart, ´cause I´ve missed him and his bafoon ways; 4) The reunion of different heroes (Avengers, Atlas, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Black Panther, Dr. Voodoo, Scarlet Witch??, Young Avengers) to deal with this situation was an bright idea; 5) Hercules´call to arms was something genuine and amazing, the highlight of the book.
B) Weak points - 1) I think Van Lente and Pak did rushed a little in this issue, it felt like they didn´t have enough time to introduce their idea properly (the coming of the Chaos King) and dealing with Hercules´return at the same time, so there wasn´t a cool transition in the story; 2) The whole "trial" thing was something unnecessary to the plot, didn´t like it; 3) Instead of the Hercules´story in the end, it would be cooler if they´d printed some notes about Chaos King and other characters (like Marvel did in Daken and X-23 # 1 issues); 4) Hercules coming back in Manhattan, destroying everything (´cause he´s charged with extra juice), just makes me wish that writers in Marvel didn´t constantly forget about Civil War and all it´s repercussions (is it really necessary that heroes have to bash and obliterate every piece of property just to make a point?); 5) If this Chaos King is so strong and powerful, that he´d clashed our super heroes (with extra power from Herc) so easily, how do you stop him? How could he be imprisioned before? That´s the problem with god likes characters, the solution to end it indubitably will not be reasonable enough.
The Art - It´s amazing and beautiful art, both pencils and colors. I just have one complaint: I don´t know if it´s Pham´s, Palmer´s or Cho´s, but there are some extra lights in the character´s faces that are a little annoying (they didn´t existed in Mighty Avengers, so I don´t think it´s Pham´s fault). All the scenes are very well placed, good panels with multiple characters, it´s a strong first issue, regarding the art department. I think it should please everyone that enjoys comics.
The Verdict - This wasn´t a perfect issue but it´s a interesting concept and very funny, so Pick it Up.
4 out 5

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