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Review: Chaos War #1

The Chaos King is coming to destroy existence and it's up to Hercules to assemble Earth's greatest warriors to stop him. Now, if he can only get them to take him seriously.

The Good

The revamp Hercules has experience over the last few years has, oddly enough, made the character even more engaging by playing as a dim, bellicose buffoon, It's something I find infinitely amusing and I love the fact that this crossover is basically driven by his hyperbolic surliness. And whoever got the idea to pair Pham art with Pho's art is absolutely brilliant, because the messy, water color-style finished product gives this title a charming storybook quality that really sets it apart.

The Bad

I wonder if it was necessary to involve as many heroes from Marvel's pantheon here, considering how the X-Men are already involved in Curse of the Mutants and Spidey & the knights are already involved in Shadowland. It seems to push the conceit a shared universe a tad to be having multiple world-threatening disasters happening at once. Then again, the writers actually poke fun at all that.

The Verdit - 4/5

As I said with Shadowland, you might jump to conclusions and decide that Chaos War is one crossover too many... but doing so would be a huge mistake. This has a scope and an identity wholly distinct from what any "X-over" I've read. It's almost a parody of it. I love how the thrust of thi issue is Herc basically blundering his way through the conventions of this story. His belligerent brawl with the godheads (with a suckerpunch to Balder!) was really the best example of that.

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