Chaos Shard

    Object » Chaos Shard appears in 23 issues.

    Originating on Apokolips, the Chaos Shard is a metaphysical crystal whose powers are capable of defying laws of science and reality itself.

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    The Chaos Crystal, now dubbed Chaos Shards in it's splintered form. Is a rare form of crystalline mineral crafted and forged within the deepest, darkest depths of the hellish world; Apokolips. Some of the material ended up in the remote universe adjacent to the Sphere of the Gods named Earth-2, the crystal has vast cosmological properties breaching into the conceptual level of reality.

    It's main property is to act as an energy storage amplifier, able to soak up and discharge any known form of force or potential directed at it into insurmountable raw power which can harm even the likes of a Kryptonian. Said crystal fragments, once fully charged; are capable of touching the minds of it's handler in order to realize they're deepest and fondest inner most desires.

    Reaching out across the infinite spectrum of known existence manifesting their greatest wish. But so powerful a gift usually comes at a high cost. Only the divine can acclimate the physical presence of the shard without suffering lethal side effects. Anyone else will be afflicted with some manner of crippling sickness and alien pathogens which steadily eat away at both the body and the minds.

    But when and if properly processed the crystals can magnify any known form of munitions or technical apparatus conceived and constructed, either by man or god. Such as the NSA of Earth 2 who wished for a Superman contingency plan, or Talia the former flame of Batman who utilized a shard sliver to power her base facilities and accelerate the cloning process that created Damien Wayne for example.


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