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"Time is not absolute -- but CHAOS is!"

Chaos Effect is a line-wide crossover event in the Valiant Universe.

Official Reading Order

Some books are directly continued from one book to another while other books tell overlapping stories or are simply independent.

All issues of the main event were published between June & July 1994 and a two-part Epilogue was subsequently released in Sept. & Oct. 1994. All cover dates are 3-4 months in the future.

Alpha (1st week of June, 1994)

  • The Chaos Effect # Alpha

Beta / Week 1 (4th week of June, 1994)

  • Shadowman #29
  • The Second Life of Doctor Mirage #11
  • Turok Dinosaur Hunter #16
  • Secrets of the Valiant Universe #2

Gamma / Week 2 (1st week of July, 1994)

  • Bloodshot #20
  • Secret Weapons #13
  • Ninjak #8
  • Archer & Armstrong / Eternal Warrior #26 (flipbook)

Delta / Week 3 (2nd week of July, 1994)

  • Harbinger #34
  • Armorines #5
  • X-O Manowar #33
  • H.A.R.D. Corps #23

Epsilon / Week 4 (3rd week of July, 1994)

  • Solar, Man of the Atom #38
  • PSI-Lords #3 (in early promotions still listed as Starwatchers #3)
  • Rai #26
  • Magnus Robot Fighter #41

Omega (4th week of July, 1994)

  • The Chaos Effect # Omega


  • The Chaos Effect Epilogue #1 (Sept. 1994)
  • The Chaos Effect Epilogue #2 (Oct. 1994)

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