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    Chaozu is a character from the manga/anime Dragon Ball. He is best friends with fellow fighter Tien. He is small but very strong fighter and phychic.

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    Master of telepathy, Chiaotzu has the power to stop people in their tracks and to communicate telepathically. This white-skinned, red-cheeked little being is the devoted companion of Tien. A strong fighter in his early days, Chiaotzu does not hesitate to throw himself onto Nappa's back and self-destruct in an attempt to save his friends. However, his power level does not increase as dramatically as the other Z Fighters. Thus, Chiaotzu is not a major warrior in the later episodes of Dragon Ball Z.

    Powers and Abilities

    A powerful psychic and fighter, Chiaotzu is a student of the Crane School alongside Tien. Unlike Tien, Chiaotzu has master more mental prowess and uses this to hsi advantage. Chiaotzu has a strong level of telekinesis, being able to launch boulders at his opponent as well as using the singature techniques of the Crane School.


    Dodon Ray - A powerful yellow energy blast fired from the index finger that has a quicker charge time and is more precise than the Kamehameha wave.

    Drill Attack - Chiaotzu levitates and launches his own body at his opponent while spinning rapidly to drill into his target.

    Flight - Chiaotzu can fly under his own power

    Masenko - Probably copied from Gohan, Chiaotzu puts his palms together above his head and fires a yellow energy blast that is comparable to a Kamehameha wave.

    Power Mimicry - Like Tien, Chiaotzu has been show to instantly understand and be able to copy moves that he has seen in action.

    Psychic Bomb - Chiaotzu forms a telekinetic sphere at his palms and launches an opponent back with concussive force.

    Self Destruct - Copied from the Saibamen, Chiaotzu used this in an attempt to kill Nappa.

    Telekinesis - Chiaotzu can move objects with his mind. He has been show to move large boulders and use them as a form of attack. This is Chiaotzu's strongest skill.

    Telekinetic Control - Chiaotzu can use telekinesis to control an opponent that is not too much stronger than him and either manipulate him or attack their internal organs

    Telepathy - Chiaotzu can communicate via telepathy.

    Alternate Timeline

    In the timeline where Goku died of a heart virus and the Z-Fighters never learned of the eventual attack of the Androids, Chiaotzu was killed in battle with the Androids. It is unknown how he died or in what order, but Future Trunks confirmed he died during the battle. The only survivor was Gohan who would go on to train Future Trunks.


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