Character » Chantique appears in 10 issues.

    Chantique is a member of the slaver organization, the Crubicle.

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    Chantique was a member of a slaver organization. During her stay on Jervo's planet. She overheard Jervo Thalien making a public relations mistake, revealing that he planned to kill some parties that were beneficial to the people on his planet. In turn, he tried to send out a party to save what was left of his reputation and wanted to sever all ties to the Crucible, the slaver organization Chantique belonged to. Naturally Chantique didn't take to kindly to this demand and killed him on the spot by strangling him with her whip.


    Chantique is a skilled hand to hand combatant. Her prefered weapon is a whip which she has so far used to strangle a man with.

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