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    Friend and ally to John Constantine, Chantinelle (or "Ellie" for short) was spawned from the Wyrm Queen of the Succubi, Triskele, and is the first Succubus to seduce an angel...not once, but twice!

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    Chantinelle, or "Ellie", appears for the first time in Hellblazer #43 created by Garth Ennis. At the time her history was not revealed, but it is apparent that she was an ally to John Constantine. Ellie is a Succubus, a demonic denizen of Hell who takes on the appearance of a beautiful woman and a seducer of men to their inevitable doom.

    Major Story Arcs

    Forbidden Love

    Tali & Chantinelle
    Tali & Chantinelle

    In an ill-concieved plan to improve her status in Hell, Ellie attempts to seduce one of the members of the Heavenly Host. However she does not realise she would fall for her victim, Tali.

    With the relationship blossoming, Ellie falls pregnant. Understanding that they would be both destroyed by their masters, they seek the aid of the occult detective, John Constantine. Originally declining, Constantine realizes the benefits of aiding them as he would in turn be able to have spies both in Heaven and in Hell. Protecting the unlikely couple within an abandoned house, he is able to shield their presence from the peering eyes of Hell.

    His efforts were in vain as Constatine had neglected Heaven's interests in this issue. The forces of Heaven, which included the Angel of Mercy and the Archangel Gabriel, descend upon their location and Tali is cast down by a great burst of light and flame. As the group of angels watched the birth, the sounds and sights of the birth of Ellie's child are too horrific and unearthly for Constantine as he turns away. Upon the birth, the child is taken away.

    Ellie survives the ordeal and is left unharmed by her masters thanks mainly due Constantine's magic hiding the incident from the denizens of Hell.

    Having heard of her involvement with Constantine, Ellie is sought after by the First of The Fallen and her mistress, Triskele. Fearing the true reasons to how she is involved with Jon Constantine will emerge, Ellie flees Hell. Once again she seeks Consantine's aid. Agreeing to help her on the condition she would do something for him in return, Constantine and Ellie return to the very location of her pregnancy. Engraving a masking sigil, Ellie once again is hidden from the many eyes of Hell.


    Corrupting the Archangel Gabriel
    Corrupting the Archangel Gabriel

    Soon it was time to repay Constantine. Unsure to what plans Constantine had, she was surprised to find in the end it was quite a stimulating experience. In order to align himself with powerful allies in an inevitable battle with the First of the Fallen, Constantine had plotted the downfall of the Archangel Gabriel. Taking the form of a human woman, Ellie's task is to seduce Gabriel, a task which Ellie gladly took as she would be able to exact revenge one of the killers of her former lover, Tali. Leading Gabriel to her bed, she makes love to him. In turn bringing down his defences, Ellie tears Gabriel's beating heart from his chest. Gabriel's indiscretion alerts those above him and he is cast from Heaven. Ellie hands Constantine over Gabriel's heart effectively casting him into becoming Constantine's slave.

    The First to Fall

    Despite this elaborate deception, Gabriel would play no part in Constantine's eventual battle with the First of the Fallen. In fact, it is Ellie who would be paramount in achieving Constantine's victory. With the First of the Fallen unable to directly harm Constantine due to his terms of engagement, Ellie took on the form of Astra Lounge (the one person Constantine feels complete shame for failing to protect). With Constantine's warding sigil, Ellie is still undetectable and is able to convinces the First of the Fallen to play his hand in bringing the downfall of John Constantine.

    Their alliance is successful, but at the pinnacle point of when the First of the Fallen believes he has found victory, Ellie transforms back and plunges the blessed dagger, meant to end Constantine's life, into the First of the Fallen's back. With the First of the Fallen disappearing to where such creatures go to die, Ellie is finally free to return home back to Hell.

    Ellie's return to Hell is short-lived as the First of the Fallen's purgatory existence on Earth as a Greek fisherman is discovered by one of his devoted followers, Buer. Blackmailed into helping Buer, Constantine advertenly returns the First of the Fallen back into power. Ellie is greatly unhappy with Constantine's involvement, as it means she has to return to hiding once more.

    Powers & Abilities

    Ellie's true form.
    Ellie's true form.

    As a denizen from Hell, Ellie has the normal attributes of a demon which includes enhanced strength and longevity.

    Although her true form resembles that of a classical demonic appearance (red leathery skin, horns, bat-like wings, razor teeth and finger nails), Ellie is a Succubus and therefore she is able to take on the forms of her victim's fantasy woman or even their lover. Once trapped her victim she draws energy/essence to sustain herself often to the point of their exhaustion or even death.

    Other Media

    Constantine (2005)

    "Ellie" was originally to appear in the 2005 film Constantine played by actress Michelle Monaghan though all her scenes were eventually cut from the film (they can still be scene in the extra features of the DVD release).

    They are depicted in a scene having slept together (as well as Ellie having a tail) and in the films climactic showdown as well. Director Francis Lawrence cut the scenes in order to make John appear more of a lonely character.


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