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    Chandu the Alchemist was a 12th century Mystic and would be conqueror.

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    Chandu the Alchemist is a 12th century alchemist employed by Prince John of England against Richard the Lion-Heart. He was an enemy of his contemporary Black Knight, Eobar Garrington, as well as the time-traveling Dane Whitman. 
    Chandu reappeared years later with the Maha Yogi, Mongu and Le Sabre to infiltrate the Avengers Mansion to seek out the Ebony Blade. Chandu used his magical abilities to alter the density of the Vision's body into a liquid, sludge form. Chandu used the body of the Vision to created solid bonds to restrain Hercules. Chandu displayed his powers and melted those bonds into liquid. The Vision suddenly reformed into smaller multiples of himself  due to the help of Sersi. Chandu was taken down by a barrage of hits from the multiples of Vision.


    Chandu was created by Steve Englehart and Sal Buscema in 1973 and first appeared in The Defenders # 11.

    Powers & Abilities

    Chandu is an Arabian mystic well versed in magic. Chandu can fire mystical bolts from his hand and conjure up giant gnomes that possess superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury. Chandu can alter the density of solid objects and transform that substance into an element of opposing density. Chandu once altered the density of the Vision's body into a liquid, sludge form and then created solid bonds out of his body to restrain his enemy.

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